Royal dwarf autoflower cfl first grow please help

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    Hello was wondering if anyone can help I have 3 royal queen seed royal dwarfs autoflower they germinated fine in glass water then sprouted within a day or two I have had them under a 125w light at 18 on 6 off and will remain at this constant I am using coco soil I have a small grow tent from my local shop it's 50cm by 50cm by 100cm in height and have recently purchased a 300w dual cfl and have switched it for the 125w the seeds are now at day 13 and have started to go in a v shape towards the light I noticed they aren't that dark green and are looking a little pale I watered after one week when the pots felt light and have just watered again today as they were light the light was pretty close to them so I have backed it off an inch or so I also have 3 usb fans which come on every half hour so to cool the air I am waiting for computer fans to arrive to extract the air out. Can anyone tell me why there pointing up ???


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    Well I'm not sure why there pointing up, but I can give you a few tips with coco growing.

    You can water(feed) your plants more often then what your doing..coco is hydroponics so you need to add nutes soon. There is no nutritional value in coco.

    Before you planted those seedlings, that Coco should've been flushed with RO water or distilled water to stabilize a ph level in your coco. Make sure when you water-feed you get run off so to prevent salty build and high or lower then normal ph levels.

    I'm also thinking you can keep one fan on at all time to always have some air movement. Plus you can put that light a little farther away. I would keep that light around 6 to 8inches away.
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    Well I think I know what's going on with those leaves that are pointed straight up, you need to lower your wattage, a nice 23watt CFL would be fine. Just try it and see what the plant does.
    The lights your using is for vegging a plant that's a little older, seedlings don't need that much. The fading you are seeing is called bleaching. FYI...yours seedling will die from to much light. Oh and fresh air is a must!
  4. thanks for the reply it's much Apreciated and yeah I have some bio bizz nutrients here I am planning to start of very weak at first it's the beginning of there second week tomorrow so I don't no wether to introduce a little grow on there next feed I a couple days or wait till there after 3 weeks old and I flushed the soil the day before I placed the seed into it also I make sure I have run off as well after I water them using 1l for each plant I will try back with the 125w bulb for now to see if the leaves go down as I think it only really did happen when i put in the 300w 4 days ago
  5. okay so I just noticed one of the leaves has started to go a very tiny bit yellow at the tip on one of the plants im just worried if these are going to make it...
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    I'm not sure if they will, don't remove any of the leaves or burnt areas.
  7. okay thanks I won't, here are my girls this morning they've been under the 125w since I swapped the bulb last night

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  8. U didn't put the light farther away.
  9. I have the light has been raised it may not look it on the photo but before it was about 2cm from touching the top of plant now it is 3 inches away or do you think I should move it higher again? The 125w bulb is a size smaller than the 300w so I thought it would be alright.
  10. My first grow was started using 2x65w CFLs. I would move them 1 1/2 feet above, as they put out way more light than the sprouts can absorb. As for the yellowing, I'd listen to Trichuk. What kind of soil are you using with the coir?
  11. thanks for the reply il move the lights up now, and as far as soil I'm unsure what you meanby coir I didn't really think soil was gunna be a major thing my pal just give me some of his coco canna soil what he had spare I mixed in some perlite and that was it.
  12. Coco COIR, sorry just using shorthand. So youre using a mix of coco with soil? Do you know if the mix came from a bag, or if he mixed a super soil mix himself?
  13. It was in a bag mate My pal had a 50l bag of soil which he bought so he give me the left over it said coco canna on the front.
  14. Ive never used Canna Coco but I hear its good stuff, I would assume you have to water it more often than if you were just using soil and perlite. But I would also be careful not to over water, which can happen easily. give them a day or two dry before watering them to help roots spread throughout the pot and give it strength. As for the lights, as long as you have air moving on the plants, move lights up until you see them stretch, then move it back down a tad. One last thing, what is the temp color of your cfl? Make sure its 6500k not anything lower than 5500k for veg.
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    yeah my pal uses that stuff and he gets good results with it, and so far I have been watering once every 7 days there only 14 days old so they've had 2 feeds of water I am introducing a light feed of bio grow on the next water, and yeah both my light bulbs are 6400k and 2700k I moved the lamp further up again would this do now? My photos are coming out a little squished I think when I upload them on to here

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  16. I don't see why it shouldn't hurt at that height, as for the seedlings yellowing slightly, theyre extremely sensitive to everything at that stage, best to just sit it out and see if they improve.
  17. thanks again for all the reply there really helping me out need all the advice I can get and yeah I just hope they make it I will leave them be as they are for now and see how they go over the next few days. Tha
  18. 6 to 8 inches.
  19. There turning yellow because they need nitrogen, I have the same set up and I feed them from day 1
  20. Are you sure mate ? What could I do to improve the nitrogen ?? I think it may be that I am not ph testing my water I have bought a tester but waiting for it coming and some ph down I've been watering them with tap water what I let rest for few days to burn of chemicals, how ever since I have moved the lights up they are already looking way much better to me I belive the yellow could have been of the heat the bulb was extremely close to them and my grow tent heats up pretty quick and can stay rather warm inside there.

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