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  1. Hello was wondering if anyone can help I have 3 royal queen seed royal dwarfs autoflower they germinated fine in glass water then sprouted within a day or two I have had them under a 125w light at 18 on 6 off and will remain at this constant I am using coco soil I have a small grow tent from my local shop it's 50cm by 50cm by 100cm in height and have recently purchased a 300w dual cfl and have switched it for the 125w the seeds are now at day 13 and have started to go in a v shape towards the light I noticed they aren't that dark green and are looking a little pale I watered after one week when the pots felt light and have just watered again today as they were light the light was pretty close to them so I have backed it off an inch or so I also have 3 usb fans which come on every half hour so to cool the air I am waiting for computer fans to arrive to extract the air out. Can anyone tell me why there pointing up ???


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  2. Try moving your lights closer, like 5-7 inches. I am on my first grow right now and I believe that 24 hours of light for the first week helps development quicken, don't hold me to that though I am new at this.
  3. my lights were close they were like 2cm from the actual plant one of the leaves tips has started to go brown a very tiny bit I have put the 125w dual bulb back instead of the 300w as I think it was too much for them and raised the height to a few inches instead of cm
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    They look fine, just relax and enjoy the show . I would be more worried if they were drooping. I'm new to this aswell but felt I learnt a bit from my first. Personally I'd have them in a propagator at that stage but fluorescents arnt too harsh.maybe try the plastic bottle propagator trick to get the humidity up. Havnt used coco yet. Have you researched feeding with coco much?
  5. hi thanks for the reply I've done some research on growing autoflower with cfl and people say they can go straight under the light and almost be touching it I haven't done any research on the coco soil as I got it given of my pal I'm trying to keep things really simple I had a plastic bottle over them when they were breaking the surface but now there 14 days old I have a few fans in there also would this be taking the humidity away inside the tent ??
  6. I'm sure for such a small space the moisture from the medium will create enough humidity .if your not one for guessing a thermo/hygrometer is not too pricey and it's something you will always need.

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