Royal Critical & Quick One - MarsHydro 600

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    Grow space indoors/tent - 2'5" x 2'5" x 4'5" or 80cm x 80cm x 140cm.

    Strains - Growing 2x Royal Queen Seeds autos; Critical and Quick One.

    Lighting - Marshydro 600 (248w). Lighting schedule 18/6 throughout.

    Ventilation - 2x small fans one or both for outtake during seedling/early veg, additional oscillating fan for air circulation throughout, then 2x small fans to be replaced with extractor fan and carbon filter for mid veg and flower. Also a tiny 500ml dehumidifier, used during veg/flower.

    Medium - Coco coir bricks and perlite, I wanted to go 50/50 but I didn't have enough perlite so its around 70% coco 30% perlite (if it stays in the air pots and doesn't wash out). Starting and finishing in 10 litre air pots.

    Nutrients - Maxibloom, tap water (about 50ppm-65ppm/0.1ec) and Growth Technology PH up/down when required.

    So far ...

    I've just prepared and pre-charged my coco/perlite. I soaked the bricks and perlite in water PH'd to 5.8 with quarter strength Maxibloom (approx .5ml per litre) and loaded coco/perlite mix into my 2x 10L airpots. Plan on watering daily with same solution although seeds not yet planted to keep PH stable.

    Germination - Wet paper towels using PH'd tap water no nutrients (water was PH'd to 6.0 was too lazy to get it spot on 5.8 my PH down is really strong used with plain water). Placed seeds on top, folded lightly and put inside labelled plastic bags with some cuts/holes for some airflow. Taped so it's hanging on to the back of tv's warm spot. Ghetto heatpad.

    Checking every few hours, making sure the bag is not dripping or too much condensation building up.

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    It's been just over 36 hours since I put the Royal Queen Seeds Critical and Quick One in the wet paper towels. They are now showing the taproots so I've planted them just shy of 1cm deep.

    Crit on the left, quick one on the right.

    Edit: Temps 70f Humidity 65

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  3. 48 hours since they were planted and they've sprouted above ground. Just switched the lights on (MarsHydro 600w) and hanging at 30".

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    Day 3 since sprouting, some stretching so lowered lights to 24".

    Watering with same solution daily, 0.5ml per litre Maxibloom in tap water PH'd to 6.0. Would PH to 5.8 but because my containers for holding water are small it's a pain to get spot on without having to use PH up too.

    ..80F 70h

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  5. Bit more growth, lost my tape measure, but heights gone up a few mm. Span approx 2"

    Started including some Rhizotonic into feedings. Pretty much seaweed extract. Helps stimulate root growth and builds up resistance to disease.

    Current solution 1ml per litre Rhizotonic, 0.5ml per litre Maxibloom. PH 5.8-6.0

    New growth on Quick One came out twisted and has been like that for last few days though seems to be easing out as the leaves slowly get bigger, not changed anything yet besides adding Rhizo. Will see what happens in a few more days might try lowering temps or raising light.

    80F 60H

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    Wanted to wait till 2 weeks to update, but dropping this in for my reference for twisting leaves.

    Day 11 since sprout;

    Crtical 2nd set of leaves started to twist a few days ago, thinking may have possible pest problem. Also one came out with a single point instead of 3. 3rd set 5 points and newer growth coming in. Will see how new growth gets on before moving onto pest control.

    Quick one - the new growth which looked twisted on Tuesday seems to have straightened out and new growth in good condition but looks like a calicum def may be starting to show on one of the spear leaves.

    Sidenote: Didn't bother using Rhizotonic in the end, watered once using it then cut it out, but only because I'm lazy and using Rhizo means a couple more drops of PH down.

    77F 60H

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    2 weeks since sprouting above soil.

    Temps been a bit high last two days, average would say about 81.

    Had bumped tap water ppm from 65 to 150 with calmag for yesterday's feed.

    Today going to start using just under 1ml per Litre Maxibloom, no calmag. PH comes out around 5.5-5.6. Have PH up, but trying rhizotonic instead at 1ml per Litre, brings PH back to 5.9.

    Not really too worried about the older slightly twisted leaves on the critical.. yet.

    Edit: Nute burn creeping in on single point spear leaves, and slightly showing on second set of leaves on critical. Temps prob haven't helped, left for a few hours and came back to 85F.

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    Week 3. Plants almost doubled in size over the last week and didn't really notice till last night.

    Ended up spraying for pests 5 days ago, scorched some of the leaves, old growth was showing PH scorch marks and also yellow spotting similar looking to calcium def. A few of the new leaves got burnt up so growing out with some minor deformities.

    Fim'd the Quick One 2 days ago because top new growth looked pretty mutilated.

    Started LST last night, plant's must really be growing now though because stem was hooked around like a bonsai tree this morning.

    Feeding 1ml per Litre Maxibloom, 1 ml per Litre Rhizotonic. Approx 2.5 litres a day.

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  9. End of week 4 / 28 days since sprout.

    Watering with 2ml per litre Maxibloom, PH 5.8-6.0 and have been for the last 2 days.

    Height not changing much as pinning the main branch down whenever it shoots up. Would say currently approx 20cm or 8 inches tall with branches pinned but these plants are only said to grow to around 60cm anyway.

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  10. :passtheshit:strong stems and fat leaves,nice
  11. End of week 5.

    Pistils showing on quick one, had started showing maybe 4-5 days ago. Critical will probably start showing pistils more clearly in the next few days.

    Flash on my phone was causing really grainy images for some reason, might try and re-take later without the LED's on.

    Quick one growing taller with quite an open structure, light able to get through to some of the mid-lower parts of the plant, but Critical is just bushy. Just bending branches down away from the centre every few hours or when I can.

    Reduced feed to approx 1.7ml Maxibloom per Litre. Watering between 2.5 - 5 Litres daily.

    Think either later tonight or tomorrow I'm going to run 5-10 litres through the Quick One as the pot's feeling light after 12-18 hours and I haven't been keeping on top of the watering as I've been busy with other things.

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  12. great.have for sure they are girls.haha:weed:
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    End of week 6 since sprouting and lights on -

    Getting a bit busy inside now... Quick one approx 53cm and Critical 40cm. Quick One stretched a lot over the last week, hoping the Critical will stretch a bit more in the next few days to even the canopy as Critical seemed to be a bit behind the Quick One, with it showing pistils a few days later.

    Bringing feed down to 1ml Maxibloom per litre as Quick One seems to be showing signs of over fertilizing with the thin new growth. Probably going to wait till lower leaves are being cannabilised before increasing feed again.

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