Royal Creamatic Indoor Grow 150w Hps

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  1. Hi all.:wave: im gona post my grow journal here....,so here we go.

    Soil: Got some good topsoil with extra nutrients and some perlite init too.

    Pots: 5lt

    Food: Rain water for first two weeks then a full dose of bio bizz and rain water in between. i forgot to give them half dose of bio bizz but doesent look like any damage done.I have organic stuff ill use next week its just called bigger bud, so we will see how that goes.

    Lights: 150W HPS + Sonlight HPS-TS 150W Heres a link to the place where i got it, i thought it was a bargain,heard some bad reviews about this place
    but i had no problems,dhl delivery took 8 days witch is long but all n all was happy with the process.

    Cooling: the cheapest fans i could find lol

    Strains: 1x Royal Creamatic and 1x Royal Dwarf from Royal Queen Seeds These guys are great.I love the little extras you get with your seeds,its a nice touch.Check them out they have some great strains and treat there customers good,i visited one of there places in the dam last month and they where really nice.

    Royal Creamatic Data:

    Type Sativa: 10% Indica: 60% Ruderalis: 30%
    Yield 80-110 grams
    Harvest month 8-9 weeks after sprouting
    Height of the plant 70-100 cm
    Genetic background Cream Caramel x Ruderalis
    Cannabinoid content Extremely high
    Flowering time Autoflowering

    This is the bigger of the two and it looks great at 19 days old, she showed its sex after 14 days (true story) and ive had no problems with her so far.strong smell from the beginning ..
    I checked around had havent found anyone doing a journal on this strain could be wrong thow but it will be interesting to see how it goes.
    Told the guys at royalqueenseeds that i was thinking of doing an online journal and they have sent me some of there posters to put up in background when taking pictures,cool or whaaaah.

    Royal dwarf Data:

    Yield 60 grams
    Harvest month 8-9 weeks after sprouting
    Height of the plant 40-60 cm
    Genetic background Skunk x Ruderalis
    Effect Physical stoned
    Cannabinoid content Medium
    Flowering time Autoflowering
    Type Sativa: 60% Indica: 10% Ruderalis: 30
    :mad:Totally messed this one up.i germed it for to long and it dried up .so i put it in soil and the next day the root had curled up and i could see it just coming out of the soil,so i took it out and put it back in the correct position and covered it up,but i forgot to water it and when it sprouted up the shell or what ever its called was all dried up and stuck on,so i picked it off and was left with only one tiny leaf.i was gona chuck it but its not gona do any harm sitting there unless it turns male or hermi,,i tied it down just coz i wanna see how it grows,dont really care how it turns out ill just buzz with it as long as it stays a female. im just gona put all my effort int my creamantic.

    Hope you all like what ive done so far,
    Let me know what you think,
    Pictures of plants 19 days old

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  2. why cant i upload pictures?????????
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    :wave: Hay .
    Heres Pictures of my Royal Creamantic at 21 days since she broke the soil.
    looking really great im soooo happy:hello: i tried to upload the other day but it wasent working.

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  4. DAY 23
    looking great, still growing really fast:hello:

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    HI GUYS:wave: .. okay day 30 and still looking great.
    transplanted from 5ltr pot into 10ltr pot yesterday without any problems,,some lower leaves starting to yellow a bit but its just from the newts ..
    i wanna say thanks to Royal Queen Seeds for sending me the posters.i love them thanks.
    hope you enjoy the pictures

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  6. Beautiful and jealous, your work has paid off, I wish I could just.. make sweet sweet love to them. Pretty thick for autoflowers!
  7. hi gry,
    yeh its surprising me too how big its getting and all them bud sites,i love watching it grow
  8. Very nice plants,and well done so far too..Ill sub n watch yr grow..
  9. Hey buddy, nice plants you got there:)
  10. a quick pic before she goes asleep

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    Ok so i really messed up transplanting a few days ago, ended up breaking 2 branches but everywhere else is fine and she still growing really fast, new pot is really big so it has loads of more space to keep growing,, i should have started with this bigger pot to begin with,but you live and learn,, hope you like the pics,you will notice the 2 missing branches on the right side, im so sick over this,even had nightmares lol

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  12. Looking good,keep up the good work!
  13. Royal Creamantic Auto week 6

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  14. Very sweet,gonna be some nice smoke!
  15. Wow bro looks like you got yourself a killer setup! An looks like some killer bud! Been thinking auto for my nxt order of seeds.. How tall are they right now?

  16. thanks dude..she is 20" high 20" wide.. this is the fastest auto ive ever grown.. if you sat there watching you would see it grow lol. if you are getting the same seed get it from the creators Royal Queen Seeds , there alot of duds going
  17. thanks meigs
  18. I'll def look into it homie

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