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Discussion in 'General' started by Skraggz, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Yo this website is awesome!!! i use royal blunts and i really like them but i never been on their website before so i tough i'd check it out, it so chill the website looks amazing and the music is perfect, it acutallu makes me wanna blaze the music is proper chill any way check it out if you got time
  2. dutches and swishers ftw
    I don't like any wraps beside golden wraps
  3. I prefer swishers
  4. read the sig.

    (Optimos are good as well)
  5. Everybody loves them swishers.

    My user titles been swisher sweet smoker since i joined over 2 years ago.
  6. Yeah I've always liked swishers, but I hate phillies and fuck any kind of wrap
  7. Yea i tried phillies.....they suck hard
  8. Phillies are garbage, Id take any wrap over a phillie and i hate wraps.
  9. Not a fan of wraps, i like my peach white owls.
  10. Peach White Owls all day/everyday

    fuck wraps.
  11. My 2nd choice.

    Peach White Outs (we call em outs round here) in the tube baby.

    Always fresh, Always delicous.
  12. All im saying is just check out the site if only for the music. It dosnt matter to me whats the best n whats shit., I just like to blaze so ill use any blunt wrapping paper. ;)
  13. the only wraps i use area the original platinum blunt wrap. THE blunt wrap. its the only one that is the SHITTTTTTTT. try a blueberry one and tell how you like it.
  14. I use philly cigarillos.. i love them. :smoke:
  15. White Owls and Dutches are what I like.
  16. Im picking up later in the day so im gonna chill over my m8s and roll a blunt, i got like royal blunts: mango, purple haze n blueberry I dnt know which im gonna go with at the mo, but the blueberry sounds good :D

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