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Roxy and Morphine...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Illusionist, May 12, 2009.

  1. So my friend is addicted to these, and I want to get her off of em. for whatever reason she trusts me because i do know a lot about different pharms thanks to erowid, but erowid has no info on roxy's and nothing more than images and law for morphine. so guys please dont tell me the good side, give me a list of all of the negatives, i'm pretty sure morphines a synthetic heroin, and i know that roxy is, but give me all the negative health effects you know. it could save this girls life.
  2. Negative health effects? Same as other opiates

    And morphine isn't synthetic heroin, it's the primary active ingredient in opium i.e. it's found in nature.
  3. well i read that its a derivative of heroin, which means that heroin was introduced to ween people off of morphine, so i guess thats kinda the same in reverse. idk, but can you give me some negatives?
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    Heroin is just diacytled morphine.
    Oxycodone is in Roxys. It is not synthetic heroin it's a semi-synthetic derivitive of thebaine another chemical in the poppy plant.
    Negatives: nausea, constipation, addiction thats all I can think of
  5. Morphine was first isolated in 1803 (I believe...don't quote me on this) and was originally a "cure" for alcoholism and opium addiction. Obviously that didn't work out too well, lol. Heroin came a bit later, and is a semi-synthetic opiate derived from morphine. Maybe that's what you got confused with.

    Negatives? Addiction, for one. Both morphine and roxycodone are highly addictive, just like any and all other opioids. Depending on dose, other negatives can be things like insomnia, constipation, respiratory depression, dry mouth, itching, delirium, hallucination, hypertension, weakening or compromise of the immune system, and death.

    That's just off the top of my head. There are many more. The biggest thing to worry about is the addiction potential, though.
  6. yeah i looked at the codone on eriowid tying to find what may be the standardized name of roxys and that does sound the most like it. but still, there arent any recreation facts like on a lot of erowid things, (positives, neutrals, negatives) so thats why im turning to GC.
  7. I am glad some people know there shit.Anyways back to the shit.Well if you shoot up,your gonna have tracks,your veins get fucked over,your arm(where you shoot)looks nasty.If you snort you will get a deviated septom,OD is possible,there are more things with long uses and heavily long uses out there.

    I am sure it can couse some harm on the body,but I am in no way positive.Just look at an H addict,thats whatll happen,if it already hasnt,then if she doesnt get lucky shell end up on the streets becouse of wanting the high more than anything else.I wouldsnt lie and say other shit could happen that cant though.

    I hope she gets better,stay up.
  8. Yea it's odd it doesn't have an effects section for either. But Lukas gave you the negatives.
  9. thanks lukas, that little list deffinately will help. this girls goin down a bad path, shes like 15 and addicted to some pretty hard drugs. if anything she should smoke more buds instead of posioning her body.
  10. The worst and most prevalent negative effect of opiate use is addiction.
  11. Do a 5150 or something dude,she is underage.If you think she is going to die or get addicted do an intervention.
  12. What is that? Like a baker act for substance abuse?

  13. It is a 74 hour mental evaluation.I think an intervention would be better though.
  14. yeah but shes already addicted. i think she realizes that lol.
  15. First,you wont quit untill you want to,but I still think the inervention may help alittle.Show her the path she is going down.Drop her ass off in skid row my dude,she wont like it.
  16. im sorta having an intervention between me and her, i realize it would be better with all of her friends backin her up, but that kinda stress and pressure would make her wanna do more i think... in any case im sure with all our help she can turn herself around.
  17. Telling her the negative side effects of opiate usage isn't going to make her want to quit. She has decide that she doesn't want to be enslaved to the chemicals anymore. Make her realize that the addiction is only going to get worse if she doesn't try to help herself.

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