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Roxy 30 vs Oxy 40

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by aktokin, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. Which is the best in your opinion? I plan on getting one of the two tonight in a bit. I have no opiate tolerance so, no matter what I get I plan on breaking in half. But what do you guys think I should get?
  2. OC 40 would be my choice...
  3. 40 for sure and send some my way
  4. Oxy 40... glad to see someone without tolerance knows their shit and isn't like "OH IMMA POP 2 40'S WITH NO TOLERANCE WILL I BE BUZZED" lol
  5. Oxy 40. I've only done oxy a couple times but the last time I did it I bought an OC 40 pill for $5 from a dumbass friend (I probably would have payed $20) and it was pretty enjoyable.
  6. Depends on the price,
    the roxis you can crush with out taking the time release off the outside.
    if they try to charge more for the OC 40 just cuz it's OC, fuck dat, same chem dog oxycodone it's in percs/roxys/oxys just diff forms. the perc/roxy instant release oxycodone and the oxycontin is time release oxycodone, but if you're gonna blow em make sure you take the coating off.
  7. i have a few roxy 15s and a few oxy 40s and i would have to say the 40s r way better. the roxys dont make me itch at all tho no matter how much i take so i usually ttake those
  8. Roxi 30s usually make me itch like crazy, much more than a normal opiate itch
    Oxy is the way to go in any situation imo unless you like the longer lasting effects of some generics.

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