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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MSMJ, Mar 25, 2003.

  1. last week we had five inches of rain in four hours, which flooded our basement where the computer was!!!!!!!!! just now back on line.
  2. that sucks mightly.
    we flood from time to time soooo i know where your comming from,...welcome back online.

  3. That has to suck.. The water gets up fast when it;s rainning hard!
  4. yeah man, I live next to a river. I know how ya feel:)
  5. Roll roll roll a spliff, twist it at the end, spark it up and take a pull then pass it to a friend. :D
  6. no one has basements here. You'd have to blast rock starting 6 inches below the topsoil.
  7. that's beat about the flooding. i used to live close enough to a creek to see what flooding does... but not close enough to actually experience any damage from it.

    this one night we got 9" of rain in 3 hours... the creek went over the highway that it went under, and killed some guy in a nearby bar's parking lot.

    sucks to hear that your basement got flooded. i hope cleanup goes easy. glad to see you're back on-line :D
  8. Thanks all, cleanup went ok. fortunately we have a friend and neighbor with a backhoe and any other earthmoving equipment you can think of.... he took up our back patio and trenched the problem area with piping, etc. That patio was an eyesore anyway. No more water problems! Cost a bundle, but was worth it. Dude with backhoe is a toker also, but not while working...but he is one fun dude to party with. Thanks again, y'all.

  9. lmao. i'll remember that one. great!

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