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Discussion in 'General' started by adtulloh, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. I suffer from a very debilitating disease, of which the side effects are that I can't eat and I have seriously horrific pain. My cousin thinks I should try weed. I tried smoking it, but it made me sick and I threw it up... smoking is now out of the question.
    I have a feeding tube and I was wondering If anyone knew anything about putting the pot into my j-tube... I could mix it with brownies or whatever, puree it, and then put it into my tube, or I could skip all that bullshit and make a fine powder that I can put into the tube. THOUGHTS???
  2. You could work it into a puree diet I'm sure. Sounds like the best way to do it. Have you tried a vaporizer? that might work because it's not harsh like smoking.
  3. have you got access to a vaporiser? Still might make you cough a bit, but not near as harsh as just smoking :confused_2:

    good luck man
  4. Vaporizing would probably be the best way. What does your diet normally consist of? Do you use ensure and stuff like that? If so, maybe you could just mix some cannabutter in with that.
    If you don't mind sharing, what disease do you suffer from?
  5. try vaping like the above 2 said. I wish the best for you man im sorry you are sick. god bless and please stay stoned
  6. Are you in a medicinal state? if you are, the clubs will have something to suite your needs I'm sure.
  7. infuse olive oil with cannabis. put in feeding tube
  8. I don't see any harm being done if you were to insert pot brownies into your j-tube.
    Forewarning -The high isn't the same as smoking cannabis. It's a lot more intense.
  9. as long as they make them with infused oil, not ground weed. If you're going to use ground weed keep the viokase handy:)

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