round two- sea of green 1st cycle

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    bye bye ladies, i'll miss you all
  2. Nice!! So what exactly is this VHO system, different type of light?
    And as soon as i see those plants grow some more ill be switching mediums, but u were talking about mixing the soil perlite and silica together perhaps? lol and if so what kind of ratio do u think is safe just 33 33 33?
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    just a couple of handfuls of perlite and silica, you want mostly soil to hold the water and nutes so they dont just flush out of the pot, but a little of each of the others to break up the soil

    just got off the phone with my friend, i get to trade for flo, white widow and haze variation clones and he is taking and creating mothers from some of mine when we see which ones we keep.

    finished planting some more seeds in a little box, i'm trying a few ways of starting my seeds to see which i like best. (individual pots, rockwool, those starters you get six packs of plants in and one single box)
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    just deleting pics
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    yea its just not a risk to take this close to graduating, so we cut out everything except buying for ourselves right now, many friends have been looked into lately and we just want to be safe
  6. tis a bummer, but we had a sit down in my house and decided right now is not a good time to be doing this, life is just too chaotic to make it work they sure were pretty, but got torn apart by a very clever dog who managed to get his way into the room and decided to dig. we all just kinda figured after that, that with being so close to graduating and such that we'd focus on that, then pursue this in a more serious, and legal way, especially since cali is looking to legalize next year. i wish everyone else the best.

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