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Round 2! Maui Wowie, Blackberry Kush, Blue Dream, Jack H, White Widow, High Octane, S

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Guest, Mar 31, 2011.

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    I must say i have learned a ton of stuff from my first grow. I actually have a few more weeks with them. You can view that grow in my Signature.

    Strains: Fire O.G. (Clone), Mother Theresa O.G. (Bagseed), Kush (Bagseed)
    Soil: FFOF + 30% Perlite
    Nutes: Advanced Nutrients
    Vegging box: Running a Lighthouse Blackstar 240 watt to start. If you look at my first grow you can see the exterior box build. I since then upgraded to a tent and kept the box for vegging until i get another tent!
    Flowering Tent: LED Wholesalers 3x3 Tent. 180 Watt Jumbo Ufo, (2) 90 watt UFO's, (6) 42 watt CFLs, 170 cfm fan w/ filter.

    I started the 2 Kush Bag seeds and Sprouted Feb 28th. They're numbered 1 & 2.
    The Mother O.G. Bag seeds have been germinated and planted as i found them. I don't know what they are but it's from a family friend. His mom Theresa grows it so I named it Mother Theresa O.G. They're numbered 3 - 8. Either #4 is a runt or i mis-numbered #4 & #5.
    Fire O.G. clone was given to me on March 25th. My friend said that it just rooted and had gotten sick but that its nursable.

    I've actually since then moved the LED up to about 12 inches.

    Fire O.G.

    #3 Kush is healing nicely from being topped!

    #5 Mother Theresa fimmed!

    I had done a Scrog grow with a little bit of bending. I wanted to have a try at Topping & Fimming. Especially since these are bag seeds. Why Not?!?!
  2. Nice! Subscribed. Still going to follow even if I don't smoke anymore. :p But you know I'll come out of retirement frequently to TRY your harvests.
  3. Damn went to Target, Home Depot, Rite-Aid, and Pavillions looking for the same temp/humidity that has out/in min/max. I have the Acu-rite 00891 in my tent now. Googled that shit now that im home. Guess i got it at Kmart....DAMMIT i was right there too. Just got home to check on the babies. They love the new LED! except the newest seedling couldn't quite handle it. It's thin ass stem couldn't hold those leaves up so it was laying on the perlite. I propped it up. Not worried. It's funny how after your first real grow you tend not to freak out about every little thing.
  4. I always forget Kmart exists still. Haha.

    So those 24 random ass seeds...I think you should build a separate sexing area and start growing all those. Mate the shit out of all those plants and just call it BagSeed Cocktail OG. I guarantee you'll have a couple males in there.
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    Maybe when i get my own slab. My dad wants our electrician buddy to come look at my setups. He's not afraid that were gonna get in trouble or anything. He just doesn't want me to burn this motha down. Might be a good time to say well the tent is clean but the box is semi jimmy rigged. Maybe i should get rid of the box and get that second tent. :-D

    My brother also came home with a 3 ft tall plant when he said he was coming home with a clone. I took 2 clippings off it so hopefully our field trip payed off and the clones root. I've never heard of "$100 O.G." Anyways i'm not sure if i want to keep it as a mother or give it to one of the buddies in return for some variety...that Maui Wowi the homie had sure looked appetizing. :-D

  6. You seem to really be into cross breeding. You should go on with the PC grow but do that in there. I really don't even wanna screw around with males. One thing of pollen stuck to your clothing could ruin a beautiful lady. No bueno.
  7. LOL so its actually a Walmart thats near me. Whatevs, I got the thermometer! Also picked up a window fan and another clip fan. This one has a base it can stand on also!
  8. Just added a beautiful Maui Wowi Clone to the mix!
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    The colas from the mother plant are bigger than my head...and that's saying something.
  10. RIP Fire O.G. :(
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    Been slackin on the babies. In fact i think last time i over watered and had shittier soil. This time better soil but i may have under watered. #5 died and a few of them look a little beat from it. #2 is splitting off very nicely from being topped. I think i may have not done the others right b/c it doesn't look like they've done anything different. The Maui Wowie looks good still. The $100 O.G. clippings that i took didn't seem to be doing anything. I decided it was time to take a trip to the hydro store. I bought the 6 2" net pots that they had and 15 foam discs. Went to osh and bought pvc, pvc glue, spray nozzles, water pump, foil tape, and a rubbermaid container. You can basically tell what i did from the pics. Originally i taped the top and stuck the net pots in that i had cut the bottom off of. They kept popping up so i put them in and laid a few strips of foil tape over em. Cut and x and voila! I also ran into a probem that the sprayers were spraying over the top of the lid and leaking. Living in So Cal what did i have readily available? Nope couldn't find any silicon....surf wax! Waxed the edges and it seems to work. Possibly just a temporary fix but it worked. LOL the shit stoners come up with.

    I was actually just joking around with someone the other day how you start to grow some bud and all of a sudden you become a pro carpenter, hvac, chemist, plumber, botanist....LOL so funny.

    Anyways heres what im workin with.
  12. I went out of town and my brother was watching over my babies....He killed a few more of em. :mad: Now i only have #4,7,8 Mother Theresa, Maui Wowie is goin strong! The 2 $100 O.G. clippings still aren't showing any roots. I picked up another Fire O.G. clipping that has a tiny root started so i put that in the spray cloner as well. Since my little bro killed off most of my babies, i got 5 white widow seeds at a local dispensary. I asked the kid working there if they were fem seeds and he said yes. On their site it says they're not so well see...Im not gonna be a happy if i get a bunch of males out of those. I put them all in water today and will be doing the shot glass germination since that has been most effective for me! I moved all the self sustaining plants into the tent to veg 18/6 and will keep the box 24/7 that houses the clones and when theyre ready, the seedlings. I must say this new mix of soil i started using is doing extremely well in drainage!
  13. Oh nice. I really wish you'd give those other seeds that you got from your brother's friend a try. 24 random seeds......It's like a box of chocolates you have no idea what you're going to get.

    HAPPY 4/20 EVERYONE!:bongin:

  14. Those are gonna be for when i either, run out, or i decide that i dgaf and just germinate them and plant them outside. There is no reason to pick an unknown bagseed over clones, fem seeds, or even a seed from a strand that you know.
  15. The 5 white widow seeds have all cracked open with tap roots showing. Im leaving them in the shot glass for another half a day and then transplanting into rooting plugs!

    I came up on a crap load of clones but i would like to rectify their problem before i add them into my tent or box. I think the blue dream is fixed and will be repotted and added in today. I may just take as many clones off the others as i can.
  16. The Aerocloner that i built leaks and the sprayers aren't what i was looking to get. I'm picking up some of those red EZCloner replacement sprayers to use. I need to get a taller box and that has a better lid. Didn't think about that one. Dee de dee. I'm starting to think that Fire OG may be my unicorn. The clone that i picked up is now shriveled up and completely dead. 0 for 2 w/ Fire O.G.
    One of the "$100 O.G." clones that i pulled off the plant before i got rid of it is actually rooting in the cloner! I gave up on them and yesterday i noticed that there is actually some root growth! Makes me happy since i've had that damn 240 for just those clones. Since i stole all of the equipment from the box for the tent i need a fan to pull air out. I've thought about scrappin/sellin the box and getting another tent. The white widow seeds have all cracked and have tap roots but haven't noticed any root growth yet. The "High Octane" and "Sage" clones that i repotted/saved all seem to be doing pretty well. I'm actually going to have to repot them in about a week. I just wanted to get them out of that moldy cube they were sitting in. I've been spraying with Seranade and Neem to make sure that they're all healthy. I was afraid to put all the clones i took into the Aerocloner b/c it didn't seem to work and i didn't have enough space so i just put them in the root riot plugs and made a budget humidity dome using the lid from a stack of CDR's. :D Havent messed with any of them but they all still look green so hopefully i successfully cloned them! As soon as i get them all in order and everything i will post up some pics.
  17. So another big change to my setup. The 240w was a wast in there with just the clones so i moved one of the 90w ufos to the box and put the 240 in the tent. Along with re-potting and labeling I built a totally new Aerocloner out of a 5 gal bucket (They for sure don't leak). I used the replacement sprayers from an EZ-Cloner. If i NEVER have to foil tape anything again, i won't complain....PROMISE! What a pain in the ass! If you can afford to just buy a cloner i would suggest doin so!

    I also found out that the bagseeds i found, are from the "Blackberry OG" clones my buddy had picked up for his mom. The 3 survivors have been fimmed and lookin good!

    Anyways, took some pictures.


    Jack H looks like its started livening up a bit.

    Blackberry O.G. #4

    Sage O.G.

    Maui Wowie (It grows a lot differently than any of the other plants.) The 2 babies are the White Widow Seedlings that sprouted. Still waiting on the other 3.

    High Octane #1

    High Octane #2

    Blue Dream
  18. All of the ladies are lookin good! Im super excited that the maui wowie is growing a lot! Same with the Blue Dream! After i took these pictures i did a little bit of lst work so hopefully the next round of pictures will look significantly different. The aerocloner works! about 4 of the clippings have roots coming out of them and the others look like theyre not far behind! I can smell perpetual getting closer!

    Sorry for the Pink pictures. Yes i know i should turn off the LEDs. You guys should have a good idea of what they look like anyways. Hope you can forgive me enough to sub in ;) :wave:

    Maui Wowie

    Blue Dream

    Blackberry Kush

    Jack H doesn't look like she's got her running legs yet but lookin better!

    White Widow Babies (the other 3 seeds never sprouted)


    High Octane

    Clone Roots
  19. Clone roots are looking pretty good! Can't wait to try them all!
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    3 of the clones in the cloner were ready to be planted so i pulled them out and replaced them with a 3 Maui Wowie clippings. I also in the process wrecked one that was starting to root so i replaced it with a blue dream clipping. Lets hope for a speedy rooting!

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