Round 2 2000W RDWC SCROG White Widow Green Crack

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    I finished my first grow not too long ago, and I learned a lot of things along the way. I lost over 2/3 of my crop to mold (predicted about 20 oz lost). That was partially caused by having my fans too low because my carbon filters weren't working well enough. So now that I've learned from that, I've got a better filter that should be able to keep up at higher CFMs, and I'll be adding oscillating fans. Here's to a successful round #2!

    I will be running BC Seed King's White Widow under a 4x4 scrog screen and 1000w. I'm also running Sickmeds Seeds Green Crack S1 in a 4x4 scrog under their own 1000w. I'll veg under MH and flower under HPS. The girls will be in 5 gallon buckets set up into two RDWCs, and I'll be feeding Jack's Hydro supplemented with Calcium Nitrate. 

    Let's start this!

  2. First here's a bunch of pics to get you guys caught up to where I'm at. 
    I reenforced my tent with a 2x4 frame so I can support my heavy lights, carbon filter, and circulation fans. 
    100_2791.JPG 100_2792.JPG
    Here's a wooden stand I built for my first grow that I ended up not using. This time around it will support my rdwc system.
    Buckets all in place
    Almost forgot to work from the top down! So I took the buckets out and put up my carbon filter.
    100_2797.JPG 100_2798.JPG
    Added a center beam to my frame to hang the light.
    100_2800.JPG 100_2801.JPG
    And here's the girls! I put them in a small DWC to grow the roots out some more. They're in a little nutes and some worm casting tea, which is what's stuck in the roots. Overall the girls are healthy!
    100_2803.JPG 100_2804.JPG
  3. Ducting attached to the reflector, but it's kinda ghetto. Might have to think about redoing it.
    100_2805.JPG 100_2807.JPG
    Buckets all piped together using Uniseals.
    100_2809.JPG 100_2810.JPG
    Valve on the res bucket for easy draining.
    The grow buckets have a paint screen to hopefully prevent roots from growing into the return pipe.
    Added insulation to reflect light and keep temps down.
    This is the manifold I built. It leaked.... a lot
    So I bought this. It leaked less, but still leaks. 
    Filled up for a leak test, and there's no leaks from the return pipes! Turned the air pump on and we've got some good air flow!
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    Brewing some tea. I used worm castings, molasses, and Mycogrow.
    Here's what the girls looked like as of Monday.
    The roots LOVE that tea! I lifted some out of the net pots which is why the roots look short. And the black is just worm castings from the tea. 
    I switched out my water manifold for some simple tubing running to each bucket. This works way better.
    100_2825.JPG 100_2826.JPG
    And now we're all caught up! That's everything I've done so far!
  5. Here's the girls! I defoliated them, and they just got over their transplant shock so they're booming!!
    100_2829.JPG 100_2830.JPG 100_2831.JPG 100_2837.JPG
    And here's the Sickmeds Seeds Green Crack seeds! They're a Green Crack S1, which is as close as I can get to true green crack since I don't have access to clones. 
  6. Loving all the replies so far.... 
    100_2853.JPG 100_2858.JPG 100_2859.JPG
  7. Lol I know how you feel, but your plants look good so far. I just started a new grow myself. First time using DWC and scrog so so hopefully I can learn some things from this grow. At which point do you start giving them full veg nutes?
  8. looking good upto now mate , am sure this will be a gooden . sorry to hear about your loss to mold ,i had the same problem last time. good luck
  9. Here's some updated even though nobody's interested in this thread.
    100_2967.JPG 100_2968.JPG 100_2969.JPG 100_2970.JPG 100_2971.JPG
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  10. Just logged back on after a couple year hiatus with one of my alts. I'm interested. Subbed
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  11. Please keep updating this, those plants look amazing man
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  12. Here's tent #2! Currently 2 weeks into flower, and moving along nicely!
    100_2991.JPG 100_2992.JPG
    [SIZE=14.6666669845581px]Here's the "autos" in the small tent. Also looking nice, but kind of behind on the flowering cycle. These plants were supposed to be autoflowers, but actually didn't kick into flower after 6 weeks of veg, so I have them under 12/12 to flower.[/SIZE]
    100_2996.JPG 100_2997.JPG
    [SIZE=14.6666669845581px]And here's the current star of the show, the SCROG! These babies are currently in total darkness and waiting to be chopped down tomorrow! I'm so excited but also so nervous!![/SIZE]
    100_2993.JPG 100_2994.JPG
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    There's something beautiful about buckets full of weed!
    And here's everything laid out on their racks. They're closer together than I'd like but I have no choice. (there's 7 levels but I didn't take pictures of every one)
    100_3002.JPG 100_3003.JPG 100_3005.JPG
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