Round 1 - 1 vs 16 Stoner Madness Poll

Discussion in 'General' started by falconsmoker, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. 1)Dave Chappelle as Thurgood(Half Baked)


    16)Jack Black as Lance(Orange County)

    This is Bracket B's first Match.)
  2. Dave Chappelle without question!! :smoke: no contest.
  3. yo jack black gots a movie coming out nacho libre or some shit i saw the previews baked and i laughed my ass off imma watch thats shit when it comes out n scary movie 4
  4. for sure going with Dave Chappelle on this one!
  5. Chappelle wins and will go against the winner of the 8 vs 9 in Bracket B.

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