roughneck rubbermaid for hydro?

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  1. OK i got a rubbermaid container one of the big roughneck ones and i want to just make a two plant hydroponics system out of it can i get any ideas on how to do it the cheapest way if you can tell me and give me pics that would be great thanks.
  2. Easiest way is to cut holes in the lid, add your net pots, make sure you have a lot of air stones depending on the size of your reservoir, and possibly a pump to top feed back into the reservoir until the roots hit.

    It's foolproof, just think of it as one large bubble bucket.
  3. You will need to gather a few things before jumping in.
    Grow Lights
    Grow Medium
    Water Pump
    Irrigation tubing(100 feet is cheap)
    Net pots
    Air Pump
    Multiple Air Stones
    Air Tubing
    Surge Protectors for all the cords(8+ outlets)
    Nutrients for Hydroponics
    PH tester(pref digital)+ PH Up and Down Solutions
    Something to lightproof the container(I used aluminum tape on the lid,thick black plastic sheeting on the sides)

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some things.
    I have a 250gph submersible water pump for 6 plants,(6) 1/4in hoses in
    1 ft sections from an adjustable 6 outlet head
    it is just over a trickle at max flow,w/ only 4 gallons in the res.
    Let me know if you want more info,i worked though a few small probs w/ no harm done.
  4. I would suggest going w/ fem seeds or some clones so you know for sure they will be fems.Don't want the roots of a male twisting up w/ your lady.Keep in mind this is my first grow.Looks like a grab bag.It is I guess...DJ Blueberry Kush, Black Cherry, and bagseed all of which luckily have been female.

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