Rough patch, have I healed?

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  1. so I had another thread up here somewhere when I ran into an overwatering problem :(
    But! They’ve seemed to bound back!! There are some dead/dying leaves, I figured that wouldn’t change- but there’s a definite difference since the morning I first experienced the problem!

    Can I get some thoughts? (The first picture will be where everything went wrong and then to now)

    This was then:

    This is now:

    And this is what I’m worried about:
    C01908D0-62C0-44E8-8785-EF8009DF90D8.jpeg EAD27D5C-96C0-431B-A109-429E0CC62FA1.jpeg 9188242C-1401-4CF7-940F-1D65A2E13E6E.jpeg
  2. They’re fine.
    I’m Glad you switched pots. Just let the soil dry out between watering, if the soil takes a long time to dry out it’s probably gonna have root rot, and that’s okay because there are some tips and tricks for that.

    Just give it time, overwatering causes nutrient lockout and that’s a probable cause of the leaves yellowing at the tips.
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    Those pots you changed to are no good either. Clear pots are no good because roots don't like light. Tape them up
  4. I would add some perlite to the soil mix. It also looks like your plants could use more Epsom salts.
  5. Need some perlite in that soil

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  6. Yes! That is what people keep saying and I plan on adding that during the next transfer to bigger pots! Any thing to worry about with those dead leaves? Just leave em?
  7. You can leave em until the plant gets a few more leaves and then cut em........or you can do it now....I don't think it's gonna make much of a difference either way on those young plants.....just my .02
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  8. Thank you for the advice!
  9. Dump those clear pots or your roots will be green and brown in no time and your plants will die

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