Rough draft for '09 grow...Comments/suggestions?

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    I talk of all these White Widow dreams but more than likely I'll end up growing some sativia bagseed.
    I think I'll start with ten plants with oldskool's solo cup mix using
    1/2 Sphagnum Peat moss
    1/2 Organic Potting mix
    and worm castings but I haven't found anywhere to buy them around here.

    Would it be okay to replace the peat moss with this Starter Mix ?

    Once it's time to transplant to pots(4-5 gallon, not too sure) I think I'll use a mix of
    Organic Potting mix

    I think I'll just do the entire grow in these 4 or 5 gallon pots, more manageable.
    I'll worry about the Meals and rock dust and whatnot later. I don't want anything very complicated at all so I won't worry about mixing teas or anything.

    Since I'll be using pots is it still necessary to prepare the soil this month to let it cool down?

    And a big purpose for this thread is to know if the brands I chose are okay. This will be my first grow so I don't want to use a bad brand that will burn my plants.

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