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rouches ??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Skunky Monkey, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. well ikeep hearing people saying oh save up the rouches of joints and smoke them, when your out of bud. But does that meen scrape the resin off the rouch,? or just smoke like whats left.
  2. Smoke the whole thing
  3. take the little bit of bud still left in the paper out gather it all up and smoke a bowl of it or roll another blunt or joint with it. the bud will have resin on it n wont be thast light green color anymore most likely
  4. Roaches.....

    You ash them once your done smoking and then later you will bust open the paper and take out any unburnt herb.

    Make a little pile and then smoke as usual.
  5. Personally I don't smoke the paper, I will usually just roll a new joint out of a bunch of roaches. It doesn't taste as good but works just as good.
  6. What are you French or something? Roaches man. Hey contain a good bit of resin. I keep them for a rainy day but I dont smoke many J's so I usually end up throwing them out a week later
  7. My boyfriends father only smokes Joints - he usually gives the nubs to us to break open and pack into our bongs during dry season (time right before harvest) It's pretty cool I guess its like eating refried beans or twice baked potatoes or something... I swear I can get ripped on some nub bud. It's good but like the guy above mentioned - I don't smoke it daily.
  8. Thanks for making me laugh, man! That was classic. :laughing:
  9. lol ROUCHES?
    thats like bear grylls with saying vitamins. he says vit-ah-menz:laughing:
  10. Yeah man the rouches

    That's what's left when you're done with the joink
  11. Roaches are fantastic. If I smoked joints, roaches would be the reason why. I love the taste of a fat pile of resin-soaked grinded-bud nubs burning in my glass pipe.
  12. Get 5-6 roaches and make a joint out of them, gets you ripped :smoke:
  13. I just emptied my roaches out fo my backpack and rolled them into a joint. Pretty fucking high right noiw, Tasted amazing too
  14. i love blunt roaches so much. i put blunts out when its about half the size of your ring finger more or less. dont throw out roaches. it doesnt take many of them to be able to roll another full size blunt / joint. last year around christmas i rolled a 3 gram roach weed blunt. damn did it get me high :).
  15. Yea i know lots of people that do this but i usually just put them in my hitter.

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