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    A Rothschild speaks out about the Illuminati, monarch mind control, clones, soul transfers, parallel universes, time travel, Ets like the greys, reptilian, and Annunaki.

    I know its a controversial topic, and many simple turn the other cheek and ignore, or even ridicule it. And I know this thread might be swept under the rug, but the message is loud and clear to those who are open minded to unveil the world for what it truly is.

    The question that I ponder is, does darkness serve Good by purifying our souls the way fire refines elements?

  2. she goes off on way too many tangents. 
  3. That was the first thing I tried to verify as well. Nothing I have found links her to the Rothschilds. After she can verify that then I will take her claims more seriously.
    And if she is telling the truth why wouldn't she use some of that wealth and power to prove her claims instead of just sounding crazy. I'm sure a geneticist could either prove or disprove her claims with one DNA sample. Then she could go MSM with this instead of videos posted in conspiracy websites.
  4. Tip for any up and coming truth seekers:

    If the word reptilian is used in any other fashion other than claiming they are bullshit, walk away.
  5. So what you're saying is that you're a reptilian?
  6. Yes. I mean no!

    Fuck sorry guys, I bumbled the whole operation, we gotta leave Earth
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    On a real note, whenever I am debating world politics with someone in person and they bring out the reptilian thing, or something similar and equally far-fetched, I either face palm myself or I just troll the fuck out of them. I wish I could have a legitimate conversation with someone without them bringing in crazy conspiracies. it completely kills it for me.

    For example, here in the Southeast, we've been getting crazy ice storms lately and someone posted on a friend's facebook that they melted the snow and it turned black because of the plastic that they spray in the atmosphere.
  8. Why do those who believe conspiracy theories like to try and guilt those who don't by insulting them and calling them closed minded?

    Good way to decredit yourself from the start and invite arrogance into your thread.
  9. hey, hes right though. to those with an open mind, the message this gives should be loud and clear.
  10. So he's right to insult us and display a grievous amount of arrogance? Why could he not simply post his video without that?

    And so because someone doesn't believe in a theory, they are closed minded? That's some actual closed minded rationale right there.
  11. "Fire, walk with me"
  12. i was trying to make a joke about how if one was open minded to examine this rationally (at least imo) it should be loud and clear this is fake
  13. Oh haha. Alright. I thought it was serious :p that one went over my head.
  14. M3ssenger
  15. This message you said should be cleared to those who are open minded, which implies that those who don't believe must be closed minded.
  16. I meant no such thing. The vid is for anyone with an open mind to find truth in this world. And I think there is some truth to all the legends and theories. There's truth in its origins.

  17. Stupid bitch, stupid video. 

    Shapeshifting Reptiles? Anybody who believes that shit needs to drown themselves.
  18. This shit is mental. Time machines?? 
  19. Yet you continue to imply it :)

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