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Rotation Rules

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by John John, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Post the rotation rules you and your friends have!

    - In my rotation group theres usually 4 heads. The person supplying always gets greens, 'cause thats just how it should be.

    - We pass it to the right, counter clockwise son!

    - Who ever calls seconds will get it second no matter where they are in the circle. After they hit it thats when the counter clockwise rotation starts.

    - If its a J or blunt, its puff puff pass (we all know that, right?). If its a pipe, its hit it and pass it (gotta keep it cherried). If its a bong you have to clear it completely, then pass.

    - If somebody doesn't follow the passing rules, they get skipped in the next rotation.

    - Don't space out if its your turn to hit it! We made the circle to smoke, not to stare at your friends pet. If you do this more than once, you may get skipped. :poke:

    - And the most important rule is... Don't forget the rules, you high muthafunka!

    Post yours now. :smoke:
  2. counter clock-wise? Weird.. pass the dutchie to the left hand side son.

    I actually made one of these threads a couple weeks ago, use the search tool.
  3. I'd rather worry less about what direction the blunt is going and more about everyone having a good time.

    I don't understand why so many people want to put rules on weed.
  4. i hate when people call seconds and shit like that.. its not grade school.
  5. -Pass it to the right, cuz the LEFT aint RIGHT. heh yeah

    -Dont bogart

    -Dont blow in the bong

    -You can call neighbor or trigger, but Shambos can be called upon you.

    -Rollers Rights (Roller hits blunt first, packer hits bong first)
  6. My group of friends figures out the rotation by having the 2 people to the left and right of the one who starts(who ever packs) play a good ol game of rock, paper, scissors.
  7. that's what im sayin yoooo.
  8. You guys are all wrong. Marco Polo is the way to go.
  9. 'Cause if its your weed, you wouldn't want to have other people burn it all away. Also, its good to distribute it evenly. You don't want to be annoyed by somebody way higher than you, you should be as high as everyone else.
  10. Are you THE Diamond Rasta? Or a wannabe?
  11. pass the swisha to the left hand side!
  12. We do

    -Rollers rights (Roller hits first)
    -Pass to the left
    -You have to call your position and there will be no arguing or your getting skipped (can't have bad vibes in the circle man)
    -Puff Puff pass on blunts and joints, one hit on bowls unless its a super fat bowl pack
    -No bogarting, you'll get called out on that shit
  13. - Roller gets to spark
    - Owner of the weed gets greens on bowls
    - Hit it as much as you want until your lungs are full, then pass
    - Don't fuck up the rotation
  14. Roller's rights
    Pass to the left
    Puff puff pass if its a blunt, one hit if its a bowl/bong
  15. Still amazed at how much rules you guys put in... and passing someone?

    1. If it's your green, you puff first, as much as you want. (Don't be greedy obviously)
    2. 3 Hits, then pass
    3. Whoever calls it first gets it, no clock our counter clockwise bs.
    4. Who ever rolled the joint finishes the joint.

    Kthx bai, ttyl
  16. supplier/roller always smokes 1st...then pass to the left
    puff puff pass
    absolutley no chiefing (roadblocking)...just smoke it and pass it dont hold it while u talk and sneak a few extra hits:mad:...
  17. whoever i blaze with... we never have rules man we jsut blaze it to enjoy it you know, both the high and the process of smoking itself.. whoever feels like it lights it, tokes, passes, no one counts the tokes, i mean dont just sit there toking for an hour, pass it, but take your time, no rush, and by the end everyone is high and happy. just relax and smoke :smoke:
  18. That,my friend, is the word of a wise man.:smoke: +Rep
  19. we don't really use any except the basic golden ones.. puff puff pass, roller sparks, owner gets green

    that's pretty much it, everyone gets along and if someone hits it four times no one freaks because we all share

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