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Rosin tech

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by trixman22, Mar 11, 2015.

  1. Anyone here heard of or tried a Rosin tech extraction? A dude on IG called Soilgrown claims to be the originator of the tech but I see others saying its been around since 2005 but then others say thats a different tech altogether.
    Basically you take some prime nugs fold over some parchment paper and press it with something hot such as a hair straightener. The pressure and heat push out some  of the oils we want.
    Just curious if anyone has tried it and their thoughts on it as a whole.

  2. How many threads are going to be created about this?
    Seen this on IG today.  Gave me a good laugh. :smoking:
  3. That's because rosin tech has been around for a while. I just learned this, but originally it was a method of making your 2* melt into a 5*

    Flower rosin on the other hand is fairly new ;)

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  4. I see this on IG daily, but I wasn't aware there were other threads on this in the city?
  5. he most definitely did not invent the rosin tech, me might've brought to light a new way of doing it(with straight nugs), but he did not invent it. Its been around longer than 2005 I believe, its a tech to clean up non melty hash and make it into full melt.
    I made this stuff with straight nugs by themselves. I dont really like doing this as much as I do kief, you dont get as much back this way. but the flavor is off the chain!
    This is some kief rosin
    I just made some kief 'double rosin'. basically just do the same tech to the kief rosin again to yield a much clearer oil. I like to do that with a lower temp. I'll get a pic of some of that
  6. heres the .1 glob of the double rosin stuff, gonna do it all in one dab and get a nice meltshot [​IMG]
  7. Did you just use a straightening iron? Still want to try this!!!

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  8. yeah man thats it. I just dump a small pile of kief on it, press very hard with 295-315f heat for 3-5 seconds and release. remove the spent kief in the middle, use a dabber to pick out the other non-melty looking bits ad set that all aside. I re-press all the spent kief and get more out of it, as well as all the other non-melty looking bits that I kept separate.
  9. I picked up a flat iron and gave the Rosin a try. It seems really time consuming with buds. The dab wasn't at all as tasty as I thought it was gonna be. I think I had some plant matter in it. The high was very good though. A very clean feeling high if that makes sense.
    As this tech grows I think we will start seeing RosinTech oils for sale at clinics. They will be pricy though as it seems like much more work then making BHO for large runs.
  10. awesome. i am definitely giving it a try!!
  11. 1 & 2 pic is of two different batches of Skywalker Rosin which to date is the best flavor Imo 3rd is chem dawg test run and 4th a dab of Sour Queen test run

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    Saw this and figured id share it, seemed useful if your pressing between teflon (ive heard of people using it) although i dont know much about rosin ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1428337823.338066.jpg
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    Stacked Kush has given me the best results yet
  14. What's "207 Stoners?" [​IMG]
    You a mainah? [​IMG]
  15. Yes I am from maine..and 207Stoners is my ig page
  16. I ask myself that everytime I see one of your pics with that little watermark [​IMG][​IMG]
  17. how do rosin screens help?
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    You can press kief and not worry about having kief in your oil.  Maybe even press some ground bud.
  19. I've pressed ground bud and trim, and it wasn't a great experience. It works with the screen but there's a lot of residual loss. I prefer to press kif without a screen.. do a quick press first to bind it all together then ball it up and press to reduce contamination.

    The cleanest product comes from flower material that's been hung about 3 days.. not dry yet but lost the bulk water volume.

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