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  1. what is the least amount of bud you can use to have the rosin technique be effective?
  2. Also my last time I picked up from the get go I ground everything up, how will this come into play with the rosin? And how much would like .3 make of rosin enough for like. A dab?
  3. You don't want it ground up
  4. What if I kind of compress it back up
  5. You do not want it ground up and you can't compress it back together. You want to use flowers that are around .2g in weight (usually roughly a dime in diameter).

    As for the least amount, you could technically press a single .2 gram flower and get result, just not much. But with Rosin there isn't really a minimum. I started pressing with 1/8oz bags.
  6. Hi much did you get from a 1/8 typically, assuming this is fire.
  7. Hard for me to tell. I do all small bags and only for personal use, but I do occasionally weigh it all out, just to see. I get enough that the extract lasts me as long as the bag did when I smoked it. Output is very dependent on the product. Depending on the strain, I've gotten between 13% and 18% return from pressing.

    Side note:pre-pressing the flowers makes a bigger difference than I expected it to. I just use a small scrap of sheet metal and squish the in parchment with that. I think it makes it heat more evenly or something. I've gotten bigger yields, more consistently, since then.
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  8. The one thing you can be sure of is fluctuations in yield with rosin tech. Some super fire frosty strains just don't squish for shit. It's disheartening to say the least when you crush a frosty 1g. cherry pie nug and nothing comes out...<_<
  9. You should definitely be getting something from Cherry pie. What do you press with?

    Also, my previous post says re-pressing, with the 'p' converted to an emoji. That should be "pre-pressing", not "re-pressing"
  10. Hair straightener. And sure enough cherry pie no squish lol. Some Phenos won't do it and some strains all together can be tricky. Now if you have a press it's a different story. Your always gonna get some return, but they can be devastatingly low sometimes. The OP wanted to know how much you get out of an eighth, I just wanted him to know there's no standard.
  11. And I agree about pre-pressing. I use a garlic press, makes things easier and get less slide out of the hot plates when squishing for sure..
  12. Ye
    Yeah I just wanted to know because I'm growing now and I want to make some when I harvest but I think I'm just gonna do bro now if my grow goes well
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