Ropeys Perpetual Grow - Sour Kush, Critical +, White widow +++++++++

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    Hey ropeys back! A small group of you fine fellows know me from my tangerine and kandy kush grow(in sig). I came apon some busy times and hard times. I did not get busted or any bad shit like that but life happens as you all know. I finally ran out of seeds so onto attitude to creep and wait on the best deals. My timing was perfect, i made out like a bandit. LOVE attitude. So you may be asking yourself.....ropey, what lil babys did you get?

    Dinafem Critical + fem X10
    Reserva Pravada Sour Kush fem X6
    Dinafem White Widow fem X4
    Dinafem Auto Critical Jack fem X4
    Barneys Pinapple Chunk fem X1
    Green House Super Lemon Haze fem
    DNA LA confidential reg X2
    CH9 Jack fem X1
    CH9 Jack 33 fem X1
    CH9 White Shark 33 fem X1
    CH9 Critical Mass 33 fem X1

    Last night i began germinating 1 Sour Kush and 1 Pineapple Chunk..........24 hours now and the Barney pineapple chunk has poped
  2. im in man....i followed your kandy kush grow.....

    I grew critical+ and my man, if you want a fat yield i suggest growing that strain..vegged for 3 weeks, topped once a few days before switching to 12/12, and flowered under a 400w....3.2oz. I cant even imagine what damage I could do now actually having some experience under my belt!

    you know im subbed :smoke:
  3. oh yeah...the riff raff now have their hangout back:hello::D:wave:

    sup ropey??
  4. Just got my new chair, Im in.:smoke:
  5. Welcome back brother. Nice seed pile. This should be fun, I'm in.
  6. Best of luck to you! I'll be watching with great interest. I've decided not to grow anymore until sometime in 2013 partly because of not having enough money to do it right, and partly because of the paranoia I get since I live in a location where my neighbors would freak out if they knew... It's funny to think that they all like me and think I am a nice guy; and I am. Many of them have asked me for help with various projects of theirs in the past and I've always helped them out. But still, with the idiotic laws being what they are, I fear they would quickly brand me a criminal if they somehow found out that I am one of the millions of people who enjoy good weed... Sad... I miss growing and so will take pleasure in sharing your grow!
  7. Sweet dude. I just got my promo pineapple chunk and all in the mail today! Already have a super sour og growing so I'm gonna wait a lil on the new seeds. But def can't wait to germ those reg la confidential to weed out the possible male. (Then save pollen for later breeding :])
  8. Cracking selection mate, I ordered a on the same offers but didn't get quite as many goodies as you:rolleyes:

    I got 3 of the Critical+ as hear nothing but good stuff.

    Have grown three of the above. GS SLH really is the dogs bollox for me:hello:

    The headband (SK) is top notch but my phenos were all too much like the OG kush:cool: might as well grow the OG for the extra wack.

    I only grew one Dinafem WW and it sure as hell wasn't WW:confused:, I have one but wont run it again.

    Ill be watching the chunk.

    Peace and good growin:smoke:

  9. exactly....big yield and short flowering time, that was my goal with this order. Glad to have someone with knowledge on the strain, always helps

    haaa my man joe, glad to be back! Also glad to see a lot of old names in here. I wasnt sure if i should continue the old one or start a new one, so heres my ongoing grow. Prolly do a 2 to 3 plant continuous flip. How you doing?

    ouch man thats unfortunate but hell at least your being smart man i commend that. I hope things work out and hopefully you stick around cause im sure a few of us could use ur knowledge!

    to funny you mentioned that, i was telling my girl before we got the seeds that i was hoping i got 1 male out of those LA's. Soooo many options to cross with!!!!! This is the first time i have hoped for a male plant haha. Stick around so we can compare!!

    I wish i could pop em all im so excited! haha How the critical smoke? The sour is for my girl, it was her turn to choose and i decided to grab the critical last second because the dinfem promo. Very excited to get SLH for free....nice to have a little sativa in the mix
  10. Okey dudes, as you know the first few weeks is gonna be kinda slow but heres the latest. Both Pineapple Chunk and Sour Kush were poped and ready in 24 hours. They are both planted now in soil on a heating pad. Same soil i always use, Aurora Roots Organic. PC is going to be a beast i can already tell. Glad to have my growin mojo back!!!!!! im very excited
  11. Im excited for what the setup consists of. How many watts etc
  12. :cool:Lets do things digitty!:cool:
  13. Yes Magnum! Makin a come back. Good to see your doing fine and well my friend. Lookin forward with whats to come.
    Keep on keepin on brotha.
  14. Jerburs and pons great to have yas back in the mix!!

    Well I'll give u a quick run down. Closet grow with 1 hydrofarm daystar reflector with aargosun 430 watt super HPS. Powered by a 400w lumetek E-ballast normally running in super lumen mode. Air cooled by a 400cfm active air can fan. Top third of the closet is a veg chamber with a 240 watt 20000 lumen T5, 4 foot 4 tube hydrofarm. Various fans to move air. Small setup but overpowered for number of plants just the way I like it. So if my nugs aren't solid I know its not lack of light. Right now I'm using mostly Humboldt and Advanced with botanicare as base nutes. This may change soon....I would like too run the newish vegan line of bio thrive stuff from GH. Had some Ph problems last grow end would like to run a full product line from one company instead of mismatching. Boys at the grow shop said the vegan line was a little easier to control ph. Anyone use this line of nutes?
  15. The Bio line is what I run brotha and its the tits. No ph problems ever!!!! as long as you ph it out right. The best tasting bud too!

  16. i use the line...been through 3 or 4 gallons...think i like it??:D
  17. i use the bloom, cal/mag, and bio bud...then i add the roots hpk and roots trinity. i feel like they should have a pk boost and something for finishing, but they dont...i used to use sweet raw and liquid karma, but now i use that on hydro only...and the roots hpk and trinity to finish my organics... that is all i have used on my soil and soiless for a long time now. tried the whole roots line, but it was way too thick and unprocessed...prob a good thing...but i was using twice as much and it was messier...kinda like the flora nova but even thicker
  18. Gunkin up your hydro system?

    yaaa some of my humic acid from humboldt is real syrup like and my suspicions lead me to believe that and the advanced big bud were fuckin with my ph but i never did figure it out. Both plants finished pretty nicely for having such problems. Leaves cannabolized way to fast it must have locked up. Anyways my Kannabia Afrodite ended up being ammmaaaazzinng. Pull wasnt anything to brag about...maybe 2 ounces, but the smell and denisty was fuckin awesome....i actually impressed myself haha. Rock hard.

    Anyways i think the lil lady is getting me the trail box of bio for christmas so i shall be patient:devious:
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