RootsSoil and Canna? How are these plants doing?

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  1. Hey guys. I am a first time grower that has done a lot of research online, but no one to talk to about the plants.

    Setup is as follows.

    600w hps
    Roots Organic Soil
    4 Gal pots
    Foxfarm 6-4-4 for Veg
    Canna Terra Flores
    Canna Boost
    Tap Water

    I am running 4 plants (2 Blue Dream, 2 Grand Daddy Purp) in organic Roots Soil. During Veg I was feeding a teaspoon of Foxfarm Veg / gallon of water. I transplanted them into this soil 1 week before flower. I flushed once and watered with regular water for a week and then switched to 12/12. I messed up and started them on bloom during the first week of flowering. I gave them too much. I didn't understand the directions, and was feeding them based on per 10lts of soil, and not per 10lts of water. So they got about a double dose of Canna Terra flores. 25ml per Gal. Didn't add the boost at this time.

    The smaller GDP's took it pretty hard and have some burn on the lower leaves, and the new leaves were yellow. The blue dreams took it OK, as they are larger plants, with just some burn on the tips of the leaves. However, the tops of the plants are very light green, is this normal for flowering? The rest of the plant has dark green leaves. Looks funny how light the plant is up top. I flushed all of the plants within 24 hours, and just watered the plants for another week. I am now in Week 2 of flowering. I see some little flowers forming, and the stalks shot up quite a bit. I gave just the Blue Dreams what Canna recommends as a Light dose of Terra Flores, and the Boost. 15ML of Terra in 3Lts. of water and 5ML of boots, and watered each plant 1.5 L, and let it drain out the bottom.

    Woke up to check the plants, and the one blue dream has nute burn up the leaves rather than just the tips, and is rather droopy., Its night tho, and she always droops at night.

    Here are some pictures of the plants, could you help an apprentice out and let me know what you see? Blue dream in the back, GDP up front. They both completed week 1 of flowering.




    GDP 1



  2. Drooping at night is normal but those GDP's look N deprived. Overall they don't look too bad, they gonna be BIG.

    One piece of advise: if you are using tap water you should let it sit with no top on the container for at least 24 hours before using it for watering or feeding. This will allow some of the additives in the tap water (that is added by your local water authorities) to evaporate.

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