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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by rootsguy, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Hey, starting a little microgrow in my desk cabinet. Its a cabinet about 29x14x27 with 4 Cabinets, 2 with doors and 2 without. Its my first shot at growing anything after lurking on here for quite some time. Just started working on it today, and got all the reflective material up on the walls. I use a windshield cover. I'm working with about 13x13x12in of total space and am planning on only trying 1 plant for the first time. I used a small laptop USB fan, which blows fairly well and dont think it should be a problem. I used small strips of pvc foam around the edges of the cabinet door for a tight seal. Currently I'm just trying to figure out the ventilation system, should the intake be near the fan for efficiency or would it be okay to drill 2 vent holes (intake, outake) on opposite sides of the box, not necessarily right next to the fan? Also, I'm planning on using LED and have been looking for lamps, found a few but thought I might see if I could get any suggestions from anybody who has more experience? Needs to be slim because of the limited height space. Any tips you guys have would be really greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any help!

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  2. Don't know anything about the light but that's a nice cabinet.
  3. Thanks. Only took a complete beginner a day and about $20. Now gonna drop another 30-70 on a decent 12x12 led hopefully and get to work!

    Hopefully work will resume tomorrow
  4. Subbed to see where this goes. I'm assuming you're planning an LED grow?
  5. Yep, any anybody know any good 12X12 panel LEDs??

  6. Looks like my adhesive didn't hold up very well =/ I'm glad I didn't put a tree in yet!

    (sorry for the sideways picture, my computer didn't want to save it the right way...)

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