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  1. when a plant grows how far down into the soil do the roots of the plant grow
    What is the minimum amount of soil you can get away with planting them in???????
  2. Howdy,

    Now when you ask about how much soil can you get away with are you growing indoors or out. Indoors its suitable to go with 4-5 gallon pots of soil adding alot of space for the roots to grow and breath, if you can give of more info that would be of better help for ya im sure !!

  3. indoors
    I have a very large attic that im using one corner to grow a few plants which are now about 3-4 inches tall,maybe alittle more
    i smoke alotta bud but this is my first time growing and i dont know how far to keep my lights away from the plants now that they are getting taller(i dont want them to fry)
    Anything you could tell me would help!

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