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  1. k my roots r growing out of the bottom of my bucket again and i have noway to help them now no soil and no other buckets to put the old buckets in what will happen will the plants die or will the roots just go back in the bucket?i have had this problem befor all i did was tookanother bucket filled it half way with soil and put the bucket my plants was in in that so the roots could just keep growing but now i have no more buckets to do that and no money will the plants die or will the roots just relize theres no food outside the bucket and turn over and go back in i need to know soon plz
  2. Id get them in something better they wont die but its def gonna stunt its growth
  3. HIGH All, no your plant won't die...the roots are just out searching for food and soon as the light hits them the root that "wandered" will die, but it won't hurt your baby. What size pot is it in now?
  4. 4 of em r in 1 foot wide 1 foot deep buckets and those buckets r in other buckets with soil in them because ive had this problem befor so i juat filled another bucket half way with soil and put the entier plant bucket in all in the other bucket and now the roots are comeing out the bottom of the new bucket and i have no soil or buckets left so i cant do what i did befor so what should i do?
  5. i have 2 plants and they are about 3wks old and don't seem to be growing anymore.I live in the country so i have them in front of a window will that hurt them or do i need to use aritifical lighting. and what kind of fertilizer is best .Any tips for growing will be greatle appreciated.
  6. what mediums are they in?.....sunlight is best where possible....especially in the country!.....growth may possibly be stunned what's the regime for growing them?.....Peace out....Sid

  7. Sounds like u got loadsa roots and good growing plants. unless ur plants r monsters or u intend them 2b a lot bigger than they r then dont worry about it, just flower them and u shud get a gud crop. the only down side is u may have to water them a bit more often than if they had bigger pots.

    next time start with bigger buckets!

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