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  1. Is it bad to have alot of roots growing out the drainage holes I'd rather not repot if I don't have too 1523277506835.jpg 1523277540864.jpg

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  2. It will stunt growth and yield id repot you can get taller pots wider pots square pots trust me it's well worth it

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  3. They are clones so I tech locally just repotted them lol In actually unsure of these genetics my buddy gave me these 2 and his whole room of the same group hermied im not sure what I should do
  4. Not just repotted like 2 weeks ago*
  5. Roots growing out of the drain holes is not a problem....they will air prune. What size containers are the plants in now?
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  6. Not sure exactyl
  7. Idk if you can tell

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  8. They're just random garden pots

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  9. Smart pots are good to use if a plant gets root bound. what stage of growth are you in veg? they look like 7g pots maybe 10.

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