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  1. This was my first time using these nutrients. I'll start off first by saying I'm not affiliated with these people or anything, I am just geniunly amazed. :eek:

    I am using 6 of the 7 part nutient system. SOUL GROW, SOUL BLOOM, AMINO AIDE( Costs 3x as much as the other bottles) , ROOTS ORGANIC TRINITY (My personal favorite one)ROOTS ORGANIC "HP" , and ROOTS ORGANIC "HPK" ( and not using the "GROW N")

    This is my first time using organic at all actually. I use it in a bubble bucket (thanks RUMPLEFORSKIN:hello:)

    I just wanted to say that plants using this stuff have a LOT more smell than when i used the G.H. system (general hydroponics) and the growth in the bloom phase wow!!!:eek::eek::eek:

    Usually when i get the explosion of growth it's in the last week or two weeks ( I grow 7 different sativa varieties). not with this stuff!!! . The buds explode and bulk up before they even get fragrant or begin tricome production!!!:rolleyes:. I don't know how else to put it other than I am seeing things happen in the 3rd week that usually dont happen until the 8th or 9th week, and 3x times more tricomes than I ever get.

    I havent havested yet but will post some pictures when I do. I would very much like to find some friends on here that might have tried this feeding system...???? ANYONE??? I would like to here other opinions or coments about it, also, I plan on using ADVANCED NUTRIENTS next time. They have one called Kushi Kush, Rhino Skin, and Wet Betty, but it also looks like it might just be crap with a cool name and picture on it,,, Any thoughts? THANKS GUYS!!!
  2. Just bought some Roots Organics Soul Synthetics products and found this thread. Any update on how the grow went with this line? I'm anxious to give this line a try.

    The local hydro store has been pushing the Kushie Kush, but I'm not buying until I hear from others that use it and report. Hope it's all it's cracked up to be, but darn that stuff is expensive - like $45 a quart. Not as bad as the Bud Factor X at $90 a quart! :eek:
  3. i'm on my first grow ever and i'm using the dwc method. Its 7 weeks from seed and in its 4th week of veg. Ive been using gh nutes lucas formula the whole time but added some Roots Organics to the solution on my last 2 res changes. On the first i used 5 ml per gal and yesterday i decided to bump it up to 10. Since this is my first grow i don't kno wut to or wut to not look for. I can only say it seems to be a brighter color and is growing at a way faster rate than before i added the Roots Organics. And the smell is something phenomenal! Only 3 1/2 weeks of veg so no bud yet. Not even a sign of sex yet. Seeds came out of some sour diesel picked up from a dispensary in cali. Sour diesel is clone only so not sure wut strain of horny male got her pregnant, but all n all still expectin some funk! I need to know if i still add this to the nutes during flower too, and if so how much. Thanks all, if nothing else guess we'll keep each other posted. Peace. b
  4. Roots Organics is awesome! It's made here locally in Eugene, so the garden store that I visit caries all their products and is their main distributor. I love their Trinity and OregonismXL (benny bacteria!). Good stuff.
  5. @OP.. Just curious if you follow the Soul and roots feeding schedual exactly? or do you use less than what they recommend? you're only using 3 of the 7 part Soul program and you're using 3 of the 11 part roots program. soul synthetics includes: grow, bloom, amino aide, grow-n, big swell, infinity, and peak.

    I just started a grow And I'm using Soul Synthetics whole line except for grow-n. Also I'm using the roots organic OregonismXL


  6. All these companies use fancy names to get you to spend ridiculous prices. Just check the ingredients.

    Kushi Kush:
    Derived from Potassium Nitrate...

    Rhino Skin:
    .4% Soluble Potash
    .1% Silicon

    Wet Betty:
    Derived from Potassium Sulfate
    Non-plant food:
    1.25%.............................................................Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylat
  7. soul synthetics arent 100% organic OP

  8. They are not Organic at all.

    Hence the name "Synthetic"

    Actually they say they are "Enhanced" with organic materials :)
  9. Actually, yes, soul synthetics is a mix of synthetic nutrients and organic nutrients. Organics can give you better taste/smell of finished product...or so they say, but can also be lacking in strength. So by mixing them together, your supposed to be getting the best of both worlds.

    But you can, without a doubt, tell that there are organic nutes in soul synthetics. It seems to be doing good so far, but the real test will be during flowering.
  10. Are the Soul Synthetics "sludgy" at all like the Roots Line?

    The Budha Grow and Bloom are Super Sludgy and are not very water soluable. I mix mine a day in advance to give them time to mix.
  11. I've never used roots organics (other than oregonismxl which is a powder) so i can't compare. But the soul line is thick... somewhat sludgy. You can see sediments floating around and if you shake the bottles up, it gets really frothy.
  12. OP - lets see the final product. pics or it didn't happen:D
  13. I decided to go Roots Organics this time too. I was a bit worried in the beginning when I transplanted my clones I used the Roots coco fiber because I couldn't find the Roots soil. In a week my plants turn yellow and brown and thought for sure I lost the bunch. I finally found some of the Roots soil and transplanted into it. Plants started to come back, then my first watering with Buddha Grow and Trinity seemed to have shocked them, so I just used rain water for a while they finally came back. After another three weeks I transplanted again using some Oregonism, and using the Buddha Grow, Trinity and Buddha Bloom together now, the plants are really coming back strong and I'm realy excited to see how the next 7 weeks go.

    Some of my early issues may have been from environmental problems rather than the nutes...So I'm not 100% sold on this stuff yet, but it's looking good.
  14. I've been using roots buddah grow and just switched to buddah bloom for my 12 soil plants going right now. Everything seems to be good so far. They are almost like a mud-type liquid. All my girls seem to be enjoying them though. This is my first all organic grow, so I'm pretty excited.
  15. Imho I found that their product seemed to be week and diluted for the price, I'm sticking to my seed meals and teas.

  16. I just started using the grow and Amino Aide... its real good stuff... i have been using 5 ml per gallon mxed together and I supplement with other stuff like cal mag, fishy ferts, molasses.
    I find these 2 products to be effective and safe for building plants up for clones or flowere. 8/10 for final approval. 10/10 with user supplements.
  17. compost teas are cheaper more effective and tastier when done right
  18. I got a free sample of the AminoAide at the local grow store a few weeks back. I'm mixing it into my normal technaflora nute schedule. It is goopy brown and smells like a shake. I'm also using microcorrizae powder for the first time in my indoor soil grow. Not sure what is working but the buds are way stickier and frosty at an earlier point in the flowering. They are just starting to fatten up too and are already frosty. Oh yeah!
  19. Not an organic grow bud.

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