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  1. Hey Everyone, looking for someone with experience with the Roots Organic Bat Guarno and Sea Bird Guarno Nutirent line. I picked up the Player pack for a good price and it’s my first time working with Dry Nutes. Needless to say a week after the first feeding the burn started to set in quick and I had to do a heavy flush before it got out of hand. I’m certain I gave a little too much.

    Was wondering if anyone has used these nutes to mix up a compost tea while plants are In smaller pots (1 and 3 gallon). I am considering making a 10-20 gallon mix up In a kiddie pool and using it for everything in the garden at a half strength feed when I step up during next weeks transplant.

    I’m in the Fox Farm Ocean Forest with 20-25% extra pearlite mixed in. My perlite is .3-.3-.3 for the immediate access to nutes. I am pretty certain the FFOF is a little hot but I do not know for sure. Hesitant to mix in my nutes Into the soil without confirmation that the FFOF is actually a hot soil.

    If anyone has some experience with this line and soil combination would be great. Really hoping to integrate this line with teas.

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  2. FFOF is hot, should be fine with water only for the first 30-45 days (ish) with that soil mix alone. Guano is VERY strong!! Would use 1/2-1 tsp per plant every 30 days. After the FFOF has been broken in.

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  3. Thanks for the info. I’m seeing more people confirm that FFOF is hot. It’s good to know for this upcoming step up. I’m not going to mix in the guarno and just put some Oregonsim on the root ball and let it go. I’m pleased with the FFOF but the price is killing me and I don’t want to fill 25 and 50 gallons with it. I noticed you have experience mixing soil. Anything you Think I can mix up that would be similar and not over stress the plants?
  4. My soil mix is on page one of my thread I believe but if you wanted a more scaled down version. Would just use the base mix with bio-char, Kelp, oyster shell, Balsalt Rock Dust, Alfalfa meal, and Neem if you have extra money.

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