Roots off bottom too soon?

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  1. Dear all,

    I have recently started a micro grow, and I am planting a Cream Caramel fast by Sweet Seeds.

    She is a bit over 3 week old and has 3 nodes, I am planting in soil using BioBizz All mix, and am currently vegging with a daylight 26W CFL very close to the plant.

    I transplanted her less than 1 week ago and watered only the pot borders 2 days after , and today when I lifted the pot I saw roots coming off the bottom already. Does this mean I should transplant her again or is it just because I only watered the sides and now she's streching in search for water?

    Also, I am considering doing a FIM because I will put a SCROG net, can I do it when the 4th node is developing or is it too soom?

    Thank you all,

  2. Don't know. Got any pictures of what you're talking about? They're always nice. Water your plant starting in the middle and saturating the center root ball...and slowly so your water doesn't just run through your soil. Once you do that, start to work your way out toward the edges of the container doing the same thing. Lastly, be sure to water around the rim of your container so the roots are forced to search the entire container for moisture and food...thereby creating a larger root ball and a stronger plant. Don't just water the edges of the container. Not knowing what size you were in and the size you transplanted up to, it's hard to say what the plant likely did. Some strains can grow incredible root systems really fast while other strains do it more slowly. But if you've got roots protruding out of the bottom of the pot and it's drinking water really fast, it's time for another repot. I will say this though. I haven't had very many progress that fast from seed before. Maybe you're growing some super strain or something. LOL TWW
  3. It sounds like the roots are simply growing, that's completely normal.

    If you ScrOG then there's no point in cutting anything off. Topping or fimming serves no purpose, just use the screen
  4. Thanks for the input guys. TWW do you have some tips on how to safely upload pictures? In the past I was in the Netherlands so I never even cared about security. She was in a half plastic cup and now is in a 1L container +-.

    Thing is, she started a bit awkward, she had no true leaves (only cotydelons) and she grew really slowly, but now she's exploding.

    GG, I was considering it to fill the screen faster because I am doing a PC Grow, do you think I should just let her grow into the screen? When should I put the screen then?
  5. It will fill the screen faster if you don't cut anything off. Keep all growth under the screen, and get the screen in there when the plant has reached the height of where the screen will be . You can push the plant down when fitting the screen, it won't hurt it

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