Roots Growing Through Smart Pot!

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  1. Hello, I transplanted these 4 girls about 1 week ago. They went from 3gal to 7gal. There's no way they are ready to transplant, and I have no more dirt or bigger pots. FYI.They are only 1ft each.
    Main questions:

    Should I cut the little roots that are sticking out?

    There is still so much more dirt at the top that the roots haven't grown yet. Will they grow up if I cut the ones growing out?

    What should I do? Thank you very much, I'm about to put them into flower today but I wanna clear this up first!
  2. They will air prune themselves. Don't worry about them. Keep the plant healthy. A lot of people use a plastic grid type thing to lift the smart pot off the drain tray. Plastic drop ceiling tile grids work great for that.
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  3. Totally normal. Don't do anything. Smart pots do what's called air pruning.
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  4. look at this crazy root growing out! Haha

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  5. They will do it less if you space your pot off the drain tray. They're getting oxygen the plant needs to grow rapidly. That's one of the advantages of the fabric pot. Dramatically higher aeration.
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