Roots growing out of the coco?

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  1. I started this old school superskunk in a 15 lt pot it out grew that pot within 3 weeks literally couldn't see the coco when transplanted I put it in to a 50lt tub which I've used before n grew quit a large girl thinking yeah that will be cool well today at 6 weeks I noticed roots shooting out the drain holes n thought that's cool she's spread quickly then when watering noticed has quiet a number of roots Sticking nearly a centimetre straight up out of the coco in random spots lowland a massive root running around the edge of the tub at surface level
    Is this normal in coco ????
  2. Any pictures?

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    Do not think it has anything to do with the coco. It is kind of normal I would say though. I can send you a picture of a plant of mine right now that has exposed roots. They are not Fibrous though they are very strong roots that come from the stalk. Also you can see the coco sheet it was planted in originally.
    I would recommend spreading some top soil over top of them to like keep them contained.
    Having exposed roots are not necessarily bad at all though
    If anything the roots came to the surface to get oxygen.
    Exposed roots are good because the plants are getting the oxygen they need. perhaps the soil you have it in is very tight and has minimal airflow so they are coming to the surface.

    Funny i seen this post cause I am literally just about to go outside to make a sheep manure/black earth mix and spread it on the top of the soil they are in. To many exposed roots from the last heavy rainfall.
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  4. Growing in coco /perlite mix like 50/50 so it nice airy mix almost fluffy haha been feed it rhizotonic with every feed for Lat 3 weeks since transplanted n roots have just gone berko lol had many grow roots out of the ground around the stem but these are good foot away from it haha which haven't seen before and has one which assume is a tap root running at the surface around the edge of the tub never grown in coco before this so not shore what's normal or not lol
  5. Not at moment I don't lol will take some tommorow once lights back on girls are sleeping at moment n being in first week 12/12 don't wish to flash them :) it's weird they literally are growing straight up out of the coco about a foot away from the stem not just surfacing there's root tips about a centre meter strait up like there trying to grow toward the light lol I know they will die off though as already covered them before n can't keep adding more coco as already starting to have a mound effect in the tub toward the stem

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