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  1. Hello fellow tokers. This is my second post. the first was slow grow or lights too low. After checking my plant this morning I noticed a little mushroom. I did some research and discovered the potting mix contains wood that wasn't fully decomposed and that fungus is decomposing it. Nothing to worry about etc. I picked up my pot and noticed that the tap root is growing out of the pot! my first thought is to make a hempy bucket type setup and let the roots sit in hydroponic solution. Should i try this or what? I dunno what to do cause i cannot put it into a bigger pot cause its a cabinet grow. I think I might start to flower my two babies to make sure iam not going through all this trouble to see Man balls down the road lol. any opnions or tips would be appreciated. FYI I am using the same pot setup that seemorebuds uses in his book BUDS for LESS. the taproot is growing right out of the middle hole as in the pics. its not long but i dont wanna damage it etc.

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  2. from what i have read on this site and others all u gotta due is get another buckett fill it 50% with soil and jus sit the other in the buckett on top ... the roots will find the new soil through the drainage holes (wich already seems to be case for you)... u may also want to drill a few more holes in the buckett that the plant is in now....
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  3. it'd be better for the plant if you repotted it, even if the new pot isn't much bigger than the old one

    Your plant may be rootbound and if you don't repot it and free up its roots they'll keep circling the root ball and will choke it

    If you're worrying about stressing the plant and making it go hermi, it'll be much more stressed if it's rootbound. In fact plants "enjoy" being repotted, it makes them produce a burst of growth

    Repotting it won't make it go male but it might make it produce much better buds if it's female

    GL man!
  4. No, do a proper job, not a bodge.
    Take the plant out of its present pot and surround the rootball with compost in a larger pot.
  5. Where does it end though? I have a similar problem, the roots are starting to appear out the bottom of the pot (already!! I only put it in there about two weeks ago!). I put it in a 10" pot, which I thought was huge. Do the roots just keep going 'til they fill whatever pot you put them in? Am I destined to end up with a pot the size of my house?! At what stage do you say enough's enough, make do with the room you've got! :confused:
  6. take the plant out of the pot and look at its roots, if they look like this just put it back in its pot:

    but if they look like this it's root bound you need to repot to a bigger pot and free the roots up to stop them circling the rootball:

    (this isn't a marijuana plant, I couldn't find a picture of a root bound marijuana plant but it'll look like this anyway)

    oh yeah and read this, it sounds like good advice:

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    Actually, yes they do. But the bigger the roots, the bigger the shoots (and buds)! I only use two sizes of pots, 5 litre for sprouts, then after sexing the ladies go into 50 litre pots, the guys on the compost heap. 50 litre is the biggest size I can manhandle.
    At harvest I have 50 litre lumps of roots to break up and ditch - this is backbreaking and the worst job in MJ growing for me.

    Amsterdamage - some useful pics there !!!
  8. Flippin' well sounds like back breaking work Cantharis! You need a crane. :smoke:

    Thanks for the advice Amsterdamage, I'll check my roots against your pictures. :)
  9. Thanks alot for all of your help. Remember i am in a tight grow space to I had another 1 gallon pot identical to the one i am using so i Poked holes in the original one and filled the other one halfway and sat it down in the new pot. This will allow for another 5 inches of depth. I also put some hydroton on the top of the pot. now I have about 12-14 inches left for the actual plant to grow. right now the plant is about 5 inches with 3 nodes going on 4 and the stalk it greening up and getting stiffer. I think i will try to LST this baby because I have it feeling it will overgrow my space. How does that sound? check out the pic and please let me know what you think ( i know its a little ghetto)

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