Roots & From Outdoor to Indoor?

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  1. Alright, so here's my story...

    Before i start, i have to say... I've grown before successfully indoors, with white widow seeds ordered from a seedbank, so don't question my knowledge of growing... I've researched and have the proper equip, etc.

    A friend of mine's mom found weed seeds (of KB i believe) in his car, and decided to confiscate them. He actually knew the seeds were there, and had intentions of planting them in a few weeks, when they were gone, he was pissed. HOWEVER, His mom apparently was very unintelligent and senile and decided to plant the seeds in her garden to see what grew (lol!).... So low and behold, time goes by and now there's 3 two feet tall plants growing in her garden. (all of which are female, and beginning to bud). She knows what marijuana is, and will probably catch on once the buds become larger, and destroy the plants.

    Now here's the point of my story: My friend now is away at college (over 5 hours away). My other friend and I contacted him asking if we can rob the plants and re-locate them to my house, and he was all for it. So now we have to go covert-ops, and dig the plants out during the night, and bring'em back to my crib. So what i was wondering is, where should i start to dig? I don't want to fuck up the roots when digging them up. And also, how will it effect the plants from growing outdoors its entire lifespan, then being switched to indoors right when it's starting to bud? Will they die?

    Operation: Freebud KB is in full effect and schedulded for tonight, so let me know asap!
  2. They willl be quiet alright as long as you put them under the light fairly soon, It doesnt have to be tonight but to my best expericences I would have a light on them forsure by tomorrow night. Plus a little dark period will just induce the flowering stage in even heavier and a little stress wont hurt her if she is truely killer. It will make her stronger... Just the possibility of a seed or 2 forming is all.... NOT DEATH :hello:

    As for digging, I would dig around her 2.5' On every side of her and maybe shake a little of the dirt of lightly to make it fig inside your containers.

    Best of luck to you, and CHeers mate!:wave:
  3. ^ informative! good look man, we've delayed the covert-ops mission to tonight cause my friend couldn't last night. can't wait!
  4. i hope ur not just a ripper asking how to do it

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