Roots coming out of holes in planter

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  1. I am using a gallon paint can for a micro pc grow. I just recently transplanted into the gal pots from 32oz yogurt containers. I'm on the second watering since then and notice when checking the runoff that there is roots coming out of the holes I drilled in the bottom of the paint can. Is this ok or what do I need to do?
  2. Also, I nute burned the shit out of the plants by using about tablespoon of pure chemical nitrogen out of a 50lb bag in a half gal of water, plus I sprinkled some on the soil. They are fully recovered now and have been for a couple of weeks. I just now watered with 3/16's teaspoon in a gal. That about right?
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    You can either transplant into something bigger, or put a tray of soil under your plants so they can grow down into that. You will have to read the directions on your nutes to know how much to use. Start at a /14 strength and work up.

  4. :eek: Wow man. Never heard of anyone doing that before.

    As for the OP, there will always be roots showing out of the holes of whatever container you use. They will just "air prune" themselves and die off once exposed to air. It doesn't mean you need to transplant.
  5. As said above its time to transplant if you see roots emerging from the drain holes.
  6. You can't transplant into something bigger than gal paint container when it's setting in a thermaltake pc case

  7. Haha. Well I didn't want to use my full gallon of water, so I used the open one. It was before I had found this site. And I wanted to get plenty of it. In our garden you can mix it strong in the soil with corn and it grows super fast.

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