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  1. I am a first time grower in Southern Ontario growing 3 female Green Crack plants from seed. Started them the end of April and have transplanted them into bigger growing pots 3 times now. My plants are in regular size garbage cans (18 gallons I think) and have really taken off since I put them in there 3 weeks ago. I drilled holes in the bottom for drainage too. They stand about 3 feet tall already and are fairly healthy plants. UNTIL TODAY. This morning I went out to check on them and turned them 180 degrees to let the sun better hit the other side of the plant which doesn’t see as much light. In 3 weeks my roots have taken off so much that they are already coming through the drainage holes in the bottom! When I rotated my plants 180 degrees, one of the roots snapped off that was under my garbage pail that was about 4-6 inches long. When I got home the plant that the root ripped off was drooping like crazy and looked like it was in shock. Will my plant come back around? Is there anything I can do to help it? I’m scared that there isn’t enough room for the roots now after seeing them already poking through the bottom in such a short time. Am I going to have to repot them yet again into something bigger? I’ve seen tonnes of videos and it seems that the garbage pails are above average size for growing big plants but I would be open to options and any advice you have. Thanks for your time! The pic is from 2 weeks ago. They are much bigger now.

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  2. I’m pretty sure she will recover. People do micro grows in solo cups and the plant lives , basically no root space at all. Smart pots to me
    Are the way to go, the roots air prune and I’ve found because I grow smaller plants in smaller containers it works best. Just give her a couple days and see how she does. Re potting her after she’s in shock probably isn’t the best idea anyways. 18 gallons is plenty of room lol. I grow in 1-2 gallon smart pots in a closet. They do fine. Your plants look great man, don’t worry so much.
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  3. Congrats those plants will prob make it to that window. GC is a great strain pain relief, mood lift, along with focus ya really can’t beat that.
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  4. Roots growing out of the drainage holes is not the result of having too small of a pot. What is happening is that water is getting trapped under your container. The roots grow out of the pot in search of the water. The fact that there was a root there to break off at all is proof that there is moisture under the container because otherwise it would have air pruned. Even badly root bound plants won’t have root growth outside of the pot without moisture. Put the containers off the ground a bit so that the bottom dries, maybe use bricks or some type of frame, and the roots will stop growing out like that.
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