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  1. Yes, I have Rootkits. I don't know how to get rid of them. Every time Kaspersky trys to remove them they restart my computer. It won't let me go into safe-mode either. What do I do?
  2. what is a rootkit?

    It is a program hidden in your systems kernel.

    How do you get rid of it if your anti virus can't?

    format your hard drive. start from scratch. learn from your mistakes.
  3. I don't know how I got this MOFO.
  4. Remove any registry keys that seem unlegit.
  5. In order to do that I have to run it in safe mode and it won't let me. I guess I have to format my computer. But if anyone can tell me a different way without formatting it, tell me please!

    Also am I safe to re-enter my GC password and username on the infected computer let me know please!
  6. You can change registry keys w/out being in sm.....
  7. Yeah but it won't let me change that reg key. You have to be in safe mode to change it. Otherwise it won't let you.
  8. editing the registry can heavily damage your computer. If you're going to edit it, i highly recommend figuring out where to look in the registry.

    You'll want to find all the locations that can be used to start the rootkit up. but guess what? thanks to the rootkit, the startup for the rootkit will be hidden. If it is not hidden, the rootkit will still be running and correct the error.

    the rootkit is clearly advanced if kaspersky cannot remove it. Kaspersky is more than capable of accessing the registry. If messing with the registry would have dealt with the rootkit, kaspersky would have been able to deal with it.

    you do not have to be in safe mode to edit your registry. start > run > regedit.

    I would backup anything you find important before you do such a thing.
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    hey man.. i got a real shitty rootkit virus not too long ago. i was unable to do anything about it as far as trying to remove it, however i absolutely couldn't bring myself to completely reformat. if your data is important to you here's what you can do to retreive it...

    buy a new internal harddrive and also an external harddrive enclosure. load windows onto the new harddrive and plug in the old harddrive into the enclosure. this will allow you to transfer over all of your files to the new harddrive and you shouldn't experience any kind of restriction or problems from the virus. hell, you might even get away with being able to return the external harddrive enclosure afterwards if you feel you have no use for it anymore. hahah.

    good luck man, rootkits are a fuckin bitch and anyone who creates or distributes them should be injected with ebola.


    To be even cheaper, after you've copied over the files you wanted to keep, format the old harddrive, copy those files back over again, format the NEW drive, and bring it back to the store. hahah
  10. Thanks for the advice bro! +rep! Also I agree with you on the ebola thing! hahahaha!

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