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  1. ok just too put this out there.has anyone every rooted a hole mother plant.well i plan on takeing my mother plant that i have been vegging about five mouths now it has 20 branchs on it,not counting the ones at the bottom.the ones i,am going to cut are all about 2feet long with many buds sites.what i,am asking has anyone ever treated a branch like a clone/cutting,and took a hole branch and tryed to root a (cloner)i take cutting from all my great plants and have good root groth.but i have never done a hole branch two feet long before so this will be a first.i,am wondering that if i can get it to take root then i will have a plant two feet tall that comes from a famale mother with no need to veg i can put it in 12/12 if i get the roots that i get with my little if anyone has done this let me know what it turned out like.and people i,am talking the hole branch cutting it at the trunk/stem:smoke:
  2. Clones are generally cut smaller (two or three internodes) because a large plant cutting would need more nutrients/water than a smaller cutting to survive without the roots.

    If you have a large mother, try taking many different size cuttings from her and experiment. Every plant will handle cloning stress differently.
  3. Not much chance for success. When cloning, smaller is better. The best cuttings come from the actively growing tips of the branches. The trunk of the plant is too woody at this stage.

  4. ok i have done small 2/3 inch and med now i want too go large and when i say med these ones were about 10/11 inchs long. but at two feet i was just wondering. my small ones take 5/7 days to grow roots my med ones took 10/20 days to get roots but not as many as the little ones but i got roots and there growing now in drit.and all i do is experiment sence all i have is bag seeds untill i get up the neve to buy seeds online.
  5. what does this, have to do with breeding?
  6. i take it you do a lot of when you find a plant that grows from seed to three feet in one mouth with 30 branchs the size of a pencil.i understand that you would not know what this has to do with breeding.(your such a pro)ok my idear was sence the plant is so strong and a fast growing one was two take all the branchs and put them in my cloner get them to take root plant them in drit and pollenate them with pollen that i have.from white widow,sterling haze,blue mist,now i,am no pro like you.but if i do this im sure its breeding.and if its not then i will have alot of plants and a bunch of seeds.and if you dont understand that then i dont know what to tell you.:devious:peace pro
  7. NOW this thread has "SOMETHING" related to breeding . it has also shown you to be a condescending prick, welcome to my ignore list and have fun with your pollen chucking .

    fucking sexual intellectuals.................

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