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  1. Hi, I'm doing a pc box grow. I have been wondering how to deal/get rid of the rootbound problem? I assume in a pc box with limited pot space the roots are bound to become rootbound?
    Thanks for any help in advance :)
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  2. I hear root pruning works, never tried it though

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  3. You have two choices....handle the feeding of your plant 100% with nutes or repot the plant into a larger container with fresh soil and the soil will take on the feeding of your plants. I've never quite understood why anybody would opt to grow a plant in a tiny space...unless Bonzai plants are your interest, but hey...who am I? LOL Plants grow and depending on the strain you're growing, this can be an issue. But I've yet to grow one that would fit in a PC box. Good luck though. TWW
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  4. Growing that small of a space you're bound to get space problems with both the roots and canopy. Get some smart pots, the roots will air prune themselves.
  5. I've yet to grow one that would fit in a pc box either! It has always fascinated me to see others do that!
  6. Ganoo is strong in some good advice

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