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  1. I am 21 days since my girl showed her sex, so just over 3 weeks of 12/12. My plant is in a one gallon pot and it's about 14 inches tall and i think it might be root bound :/. Her growing has slowed down a lot and some of my lower leaves have started shriveling up just within the past week (I have not had any prior deficiencies nor changed anything in the feeding schedule).

    So now I need to know if I should transplant or do I just have to wait it out?

    From what I have read it is not good to transplant as far into flowering as I am because of the stress on the plant, and because roots do not grow in flower like they do in veg.

    I wouldn't mind leaving it and riding it out, my only concern is will the buds stop growing if the plant truly is root bound? Like, will the buds stop getting longer and just fill in what is already there, or will it stop growth all together?

    I need your help GC!!

  2. Those both could be perfectly normal responses to flowering. Slowed growth is expected around the 3rd week of flower of your plant look? Are the top leaves healthy? Is it starting to form buds? If so I wouldn't be that worried.
  3. Yeah, other than the few things I said she is lookin really nice IMO. I guess ill just wait a little longer and see what she does before i diagnose her. Check out the link in my sig and you can see her.
  4. HappyGrowing 1st, I did re-potting yesterday by the way, I'm 4 weeks into flower, if your careful n act as a surgeon with the right pulse n nutrients transplant shock could be avoided, done it before many times, I'm in my 16thGrow/Harvest so to speak n I got the hands n pulse of an artisan, it can be done without major consequences.
  5. Thanks! Glad I got a response from someone with a testimony.. So do you think it would be worth it to transplant from a 1 gal to a 2 gal pot if my plant is 14 inches now and I want it to finish at 20-24 inches?
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    Just remember this, BiggerRoots, Bigger Buds.

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