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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by Mr.Smith, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. I do NOT know the correct place to post this

    But here it is

    This is the Rootball from the mom that was in a 5 gallon bucket

    I have noticed a few things ( 8 pics total )

    1) I noticed that the roots seem pretty uniform and solid

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  2. Again, they look pretty good at first glance

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  3. Dig in a little ...seems pretty light and fluffy

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  4. Looks pretty good.....but I am starting to see some problems :eek:

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  5. Cut is Clean in half

    Noticed That The soil was Considerably LAcking Drainage in the lower half

    2) More then likely the water was going half way down and running right out the bucket without penatrating the entire bucket

    This was a Rush Job using What potting soil I had around and some from Outdoor compost ( my biggest mistake)

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  6. I say biggest mistake for 2 reasons.....

    one, obviously I had crappy drainage

    Second, I found these ....

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  7. Now I am not entiry sure what they are .....but I know I DIDN'T put them there

    They are all over the first couple inches of soil and there are a LOT

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  8. My guess is they are Egg sacks or some kind of larva :mad: :confused:

    Fungus gnats? I honestly don't know

    They Squish and pop when pinched with this white fluid/stuff inside


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  9. To sum this up ....

    ALWAYS use sterile soil/amendments

    Mix in Your choice of amendments to lighten the soil up for good drainage (pearlite,vermiculite, etc...). Even if it means an extra trip to the store

    Just becouse you don't see the buggers doesn't mean they arn't there

    Just thought Someone, Somewhere might find this interesting

    I am SURE my Overall yield suffered from this ...and will be sure to never make the same mistakes twice

  10. Interesting. What are you gonna do with the mother plant?
  11. the buds are hanging in the closet
  12. Thanks BOB!!

    The soil I used was from a local gardener who has a very lush deal going in the warmer months

    Rich and full of Worm Castings

    I didn't add anything to it at the time due to being in a rush to get it going

    This latest run I have used 100% bagged soil (Store) and a LOT of perlite

    I have NO idea where I got the 'rhizomes' from ...I assume they were in the outdoor soil I grabbed :confused:

    I am happy to see someone had some interest in this ....I thought it was pretty neat

    The soil kinda tells a story

    Thanks again,
  13. I don't know man ...

    I would have to say it's a mix of local clay,topsoil, and your common ...left-over food Compost pile tossed in the backyard deal (been going for many years)

    The soil is just SWARMING with worms and seems to make everything grow well the yard atleast ;)

    In the interest of sterility I stopped using it tho ....

    Better safe than sorry for my indoor girls

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