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  1. If I trim my roots ( cut some from bottom). What will happen? Can u control height? I know stress & light r bad for them.
  2. According to me,trimming root would effect growth.The top of the plant and the bottom of the plant grow in unison.If you start to cut the bottom of the plant then the top has to slow it's growth..
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    I personally have never intentionally cut me roots..Accidentally i.e when transplanting or when pulling on them when tangled with others in bubbler etc..
    If in veg or even at flip, I'd LST the stretchier ones..IF I was having a height issue or wanted my side shoots to get more light..
    But that's what I would do..YMMV..
    Oh and bb, btw, I love how you started your response with "According to me"..
    freakin cool dude..:)
  4. if you trim roots may be slow growth your plants.
  5. I have 30 plants right now all in red Solo cups and to prevent it from becoming root bound I wait till the day before watering pull out the whole soil mass and trim roots,

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