Root space vs. Sunlight

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  1. I have a total of ten plants going strong at the moment. Six of them are a genuine Himalayan charas variety, and I'm particularly interested in seeing these do well. Others are unknown modern hybrids.

    They all went into the ground in my small patch of garden yesterday. The soil here is a little on the heavy side - a bit clayey - but it's been well-worked for years and built-up to have very strong and active microbial and mineral health, particularly in these past two years or so. The problem, however, is that this patch only receives about eight/nine hours of direct sunlight over the course of the day due to fence placement.

    I'm trying to figure out if keeping them in containers was the best option after all, due to the fact that I'd be able to give them a full day's worth of sunshine. They wouldn't have the same root space, but then they might be a bit happier in a lighter soil. A variety of factors are at play here, and I'm not experienced enough to make the call.

    Some advice from the veterans would be a greatly appreciated thing!
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  2. I don’t know how well you would do chasing sun. I’ve been checking into this because a garden bed that I have is the same way and I’m hearing 6 hrs at a minimum of direct light. I’m on the line too. You thought about cutting the bottom out of the container, like a mini raised bed? I’m doing that with tomatoes. You will get better qualified advice. Keep us posted.:smiley-rolling-joint:
  3. This early, if you get it in the ground it'll do better. 8-9 of direct sunlight is enough to grow a big plant. This one was shaded by a building last year. 0927181404b.jpg 0927181404.jpg
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  4. If they're in flower leave them the fuck alone. They look great just let them bloom.
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  5. WeedOrchard - Awesome. Thank you for these encouraging photos and words. I got to thinking that not only could 8 be plenty, it might turn out to be a relief for the plants when our super hot and dry days start coming around.

    Sade - no, these plants are still small (4th-5th internode) and nowhere near flower.

    Looks like they're staying in the ground!
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  6. A very large old pine tree on my neighbors side of the fence casts a shadow over my grow area until 10:00 am.
    About 3:00 pm the shadow from the house starts growing across the grow area. And more days than not, we are covered with lingering fog until the wind kicks up.

    Would I do better with more direct sunlight? Eh, probably.
    I've already experienced 2-3 lb plants when I get my mind right and get dialed in. For an old hippy growing meds in the back yard, I'm satisfied.
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  7. I have a question : Why are my seedlings growing leggy when they are in full sun
  8. Too far away from light

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  9. I cant get any closer to the sun.ITS IN FULL SUN

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