Root rot?

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  1. My plants are being transplanted on friday to their end growing site.

    I just topped this one and the leaves that are coming out of the 2 (now main) stems at the top are weird looking, they are a lighter green. The plants are in decomposable pots and the roots are growing threw them, and the small little root tips that are growing outside the pot are molding, i cut the molded parts of the roots off, no more than a cm of them.

    I'm wondering if I should let it go untill friday or should I do something about this right now?

    Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. 1. Lovely Avatar! :hello:

    2. I'd transplant. Topping stresses the plants jsut a bit and causes them to relocate hormones and what-not, but it's not enough to hurt the plant into stunting.

    3. That light green color is fine - no worries there. (pics are appreciated for another opinion though)
  3. What does the mold look like?

    I use the peat pots for my veggies and thats the point. You can plant the whole pot and the roots grow through and into the dirt. If the 'mold' is a fuzzy white coating, leave those alone. It is beneficial fungi that lives on the roots and is very helpful to your plants.
  4. hey I justed used the jiffy pots for the first time as well. I found that when I buried them and kept them a little to moist, I got green and white mold on the sides.

    From all the research I did, it seems that this is pretty much par for these types of containers. Some suggest adding Hydrogen Peroxide to your water to combat but I say eff it. As long as you let them dry out, and have air flow you should be safe from damping off of your youngins.

    I wasnt so lucky but learned some valuable lessons.

    Hope this helps man/

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