Root Rot Wreck.

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  1. I now have 7 plants with root rot, all a good size (1'+). I do not want to start over, but it seems that nothing gets rid of this problem. I started with more plants but then this nightmare started and I threw some out. I noticed some with root rot so I took the remaining ones and separated them and put them in their own aero box. It seems as if this didn't help because the remaining plants all have root rot now. I am not sure if they were already getting it or not, but it seems as if this problem will not go away. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem? I tried adding 29% H2O2 at 3ml/gal but that didn't seem to get rid of the problem because it soon returned. I tried adding GH's Sub-B to the res but that was ineffective. I am going to try a stronger H2O2 dip tomorrow, but am unsure if that will be very effective after reading around multiple forums. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Ok try this, go out n get a new bag of potting soil, put it in a microwavable cup and nuke it (sterilization), then get a mister, like a windex bottle, just new w/o any chemicals in it. Then just plant the seeds in the soil like an inch And a half, u don't NEED to germinate it, just keep the soil moist.

    If u do this, you will be fine and have no root rot
  3. My buddy just sticks a heater in his room at night and airs out the soil until the pots are super super light. He "says" this takes care of it, i dunno as i've not experienced it, maybe one of the more knowledgeable folks will step up in terms of those who have dealt with root rot on their own.

    My plants have turned out ok thus far.
  4. This is what I do personally, if it happens.
    I also recommend it to growers.

    More work - but seems to work.

    I remove the plant from the offending soil,
    give it a nice root trimming,
    wash the roots off real good under a tap - rubbing gently to get rid of the slime,
    then I do a normal xplant into new, fresh soil.

    It works.


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