Root rot then early budding? First time grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by poppyneeds420help, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. I have a couple plants growing indoors in soil, I accidentally over watered them (extremely novice grower lol) and was told they were experiencing root rot and nutrient lock out. I stopped watering them and put a humidifier in for a while in hopes it would revive them. I started watering them again as my moisture meter said they had dried out and they're still alive but have started to grow little sticky 'buds' on the stems and I can't figure out why. They're still under lights 24-0. Any ideas?
  2. 18/6 is far better option

    always lift -THINK- then- water or not

    lots now depends on the peat content of your soil mix

    next potup? add 30% perlite

    good luck
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  3. A series of questions that need to be answered in regards to your post.. 1. What's the age of your plants? 2. Are you using Perlite to potentially dry out the majority of the soil? 3. Are they droopy and discolored?
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  4. Pics is nice
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  5. Fair enough
  6. You got auto's?
  7. Not 100% on the age but I think they're about two months old. Haven't used perlite, I just switched from watering them to the humidifier until the moisture meter said they had dried out. I've attached a pic of the leaves and a close up of the sticky buddy bits on the stalk. 61760605_2237672492990169_1151741260478808064_n.jpg 61586397_2071759286457659_2964117073120198656_n.jpg
  8. Never trust those water meters I have used many and most are broke seriously

    use weight lift the pot an inch

    think etc

    perlite dilutes the pot contents and avoids root compaction

    and much more is totally enert

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  9. Even at the vegetative stage would it be crucial to watch for nutrient defects and other key elements that call for a failed growth. Be sure to make certain you have the necessary amount of drainage for your pots (for perlite can only do you so much justice.) 18/6 cycle like vostok mentioned ealrier as well. Best of luck!

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