root rot/roots tangled

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  1. does these pic look like root rot and whats the best way to untangle roots, or can you

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  2. also i added hygrozyme about a week ago so i am not sure if this is normal or if the rot is getting worse.
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    Submerging the roots and gently swishing the plants around and apart should untangle them but if they're super tangled, cutting them apart will suffice if necessary, albeit you will cause stress.
    As far as the condition of the roots, someone more experienced with hydro would need to answer.
  4. I'm far from an expert at growing, let alone hyrdo grows, but that does look like the start to root-rot.
  5. thanks for the input. i will try the submerging root idea. i knew i had root rot but i wasnt sure if it was getting better or getting worse. the first 2 pics are of my plant in the 5 gal by itself. it had no problems what so ever and i added hygrozyme for preventative purposes now it seems to have the worst looking roots out of the bunch.

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