root rot question, help quick!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by WanusPieHole, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. If your plant is having problems with root rot is there anything you can do to stop the rotting ? I was thinking of maybe seperating all the soil from the plant and sort of cleaning the roots, and then maybe sticking it in a bubble bucket or sumthing. my plant is only like 2 weeks old, and i thought this california sun was too much for it and now i think i over watered it. please tell me anything you know about my question, this is the only plant i have that hasn't been eaten by something and i would definately love for it to survive.
  2. What can be done depends in large part on your soil. If it is light and fluffy, your task will be easier. However if your mix is heavy, compacted, soggy, smelly or slimey, gently and carefully removing them from the deadly glop, and transplanting to new mix, may be your best bet. If the soil seems okay, I have created airpassages into the soil with bamboo skewers and plastic straws, and using the bubbler pumps I bought during my hydro phase, sent air to various levels of the root ball. Don't be too worried about what damage you may do to the root system, since it is already in grave jeopardy. Just as long as you preserve the rootball. And there are no guarantees that a plant undergoing such trauma will survive. Even so, it may not `thrive', but be puny and pitiful. Overwatering is the #1 killer of indoor/container gardens.
    Well, it is past this old earth girl's bedtime. Good luck with your problem...L8R, G8R, Vaya con Dios, Adieu, Bon nuit, Bona sera, Buenaventure, Aloha, Gutten nacht, Sayonara, Ta-ta, Ciao, and all that jazz!
  3. hey, my soil is very light and fluffy, but i think i might try and transplant to new soil anyways, because if the roots are rotting, i want them to spend at least one day in dry soil, and my soil inside the plastic bottles WONT dry out, i havent watered it since i first posted, and the soil is still very wet. Then once i put them in new soil i will try the straw idea and have some holes in the bottle so the soil can dry quicker. im almost dead certain i was overwatering, cause now that i have stopped watering the plant is still alive. i think it will make it, i'll keep you posted.
  4. Are you saying there was no drainage system for your containers? If so, all you need to do is put holes in the pots you are using now. They should be okay, unless there is a nasty smell coming from the soil.
  5. well.... i dont think any of that will matter now, seeing as some freakin brutal animal ate my poor baby. and the bucket did have drainage holes just so you know, just maybe not enough. well at least next time i try to grow i'll know what im doing.
  6. yep. Remember, each time you grow, you become more experainced.

    You win some, ya lose some :)

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