Root rot keeps coming back. What to do?

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  1. I already lost all of my plants to root rot and It's about to happen again. I've tried everything that I can think of. Water temps, ph, ec etc. have all been in parameters during this run. I made EWC tea, used voodoo juice, cannazym etc. Also in between runs I cleansed everything with chlorine as thoroughly as I could.

    I'm really not in the mood for using sterile methods, because the one time I used H2O2 I lost all of the plants week after. The plants in the pictures are on week 3 veg and they seem kind of small for that...

    Anyone have any ideas on what I should do? Or where the rot is coming from?

    I'm using tap water so could it be that?

    Help! I'm running out of options

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  2. I can suggest a few things for you, share some links and info.
    First off, I don't believe in sterile hydroponics (check this article).
    Also, I like some information that I've gotten from CCH2O's website (on rot).
    They recommend using an ORP meter; maybe its worth the investment (?)
    Personally, I use a combination of beneficial organisms including RootShield and Earth Alive's Soil Activator (in hydro).
    Other than the obvious, I also have sprayed a mix of concrobium and elemental sulfur (~1tbp per L) in the growspace. Not on the plants, but before anything even goes into the root.
    I also use an air cleaner in the grow room. Most of the air that is introduced into the room comes through the air cleaner, which turns on for 15min every couple hours.
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  3. I think Trojangrower and I are of the same mind on most things, but I will respectfully disagree on this one. I would say the only living thing you want in there is roots. Check out Hypochlorous Acid, such as Athena Cleanse.

    That gives you two potential approaches, TG's more organic approach and my nuke-everything approach. Two different approaches, two different solid growers. Hopefully one of these will get your girls back to being happy!
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