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  1. Okay so this is my first grow and i think it's taken a turn for the worst. I've attached pictures any help would
    Be great

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  2. Well first thing. It looks like your plants are a stretching a bit. A lot of them are taller than they should be. This is due to small amounts of light or not enough lumens. Try lowering the lights without burning them.

    Addressing the root rot. It looks like yes root rot. Early to mid stages of it. There are supplements you can buy to help root rot. This can lead to plethora of problems for Cannabis

    In order to prevent root rot. Let all of the water drain from the bottom of the pot or container. Having a fan oscillating over them will help dry the water in the soil faster too. Hope this helps
  3. I'm kinda broke rn so I probably can't get the solution. They are in a hydro set up so should I move them to soil?
  4. Hi . Dont move to soil as will shock em.. go on hydro section as sum good hydro grower cud help wi this. Sorry not much help but im more soil experienced at minute. Good luck though love x
  5. You're using the wrong medium for that setup first of all, the only way you can use coco in DWC is if you have a specific coco fiber netpot and even then its risky. If you have enough of that coco left you could probably move it to a pot and it be fine, or if you want to stay in hydro buy a few gallons of clay pebbles(marble sized gravel works in a pinch) and pull those plants right out of the netpot, rinse all the coco and perlite off then put in a cup of water with h2o2 solution (1-2ml 30% h2o2 per gallon of water) so the roots can soak for a few hours while you take the rest of your gallon of solution and clean your entire DWC setup top to bottom, including thoroughly rinsing the pebbles you just bought.

    Once that's all clean and you have a fresh batch of nutes mixed up (300-400ppm nutes + 1ml per gallon h2o2 to keep working at any remaining root rot) transplant the plants to the netpots filled with pebbles and put them back in their home, chances are they'll be shocked a little but they'll bounce back and thank you for it.

    Once new roots look healthy I recommend a product like Cannazyme, Hygrozyme or Tetra Pond Sludge Reducer(If your cheap like me lol) to keep things in check, or you can keep running the 1ml h202 per gallon the whole grow to keep things sterile all the time I did that for a long time before I discovered the enzyme based products, but you can't use both at the same time or the h2o2 will kill the good bacteria/enzymes.
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